Linking tasks in separate projects

Hello everyone!

My team works within a creativity agency, where we are completing campaigns/projects for 60+ clients at a time. These projects are often client-facing in Asana - but we’re trying to find a way to track our workloads privately and link those workloads up to the projects we are completing for clients so that we have a better picture of progress and capacity.

Is it possible to create a private, internal project to track each person’s work…and link these public tasks to that project so that it can track what they are assigned and what their workload is?

Curious as to how other agencies track workload when Asana projects are client-facing.


Hello Jess,

i wasted my time like you. And i can tell you: there is no clean and good way to do that.
You can create a task in a privat project and link each client based task individual and track all internal info about it.

You also can give everhour a try to handle your budget.

“Curious as to how other agencies track workload when Asana projects are client-facing.” You will find “workarounds” only - but no clean native solution like in other project management tools. We had a lot of tickets in support area and no one was able to face a basic and normal working solution… Now i ask myself every day: how other people coud work with software like that missing basics? I hate the day we migrate to asana without massive testing the basics. Sorry.