Linking Goals to individual Tasks in a project

I am managing large multi-partner multi-year projects containing very diverse tasks. Individual tasks contribute to different Company Goals. Thus, to automatically measure the progress in achieving a Goal based on a whole project progress does not work for me, and I would need to link the Goals only to the selected relevant Tasks within the project, rather than the project as a whole. Or is there a different solution.

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In this case I recommend to have the goal progress calculated based on milestones in the project (you can convert the specific tasks to milestones) or you multi-home all the tasks you need (meaning to add all the tasks to a 2nd project which you can do very fast in list view by bulk editing) and then set up the goal for the specific new project.

Also here is a feedback request you might be interested in voting.

This might be interesting as well.

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Thanks @Andrea_Mayer! I was not aware of the multi-homing option. It will solve more than one of my issues.

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Here is the info on bulk-editing if you need it:

Not yet. But may be useful in the future. Thanks!


Hi everyone, Iโ€™m happy to announce we are launching the ability to add tasks as a source of Goals progress :tada: You can find more details in our announcement below:

Feel free to reach out via our Tips and Tricks category if you have any questions!

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