Linking boards with rules and tags

Hi I need some assistance please I have build various boards that I’d like to feed into an overall board so that there is a one view of all the boards. Boards are managed by different teams so I don’t want them to duplicate anything into the overall board. I want to set up either rules which I have little understanding of and have already set up a rule to add to another board but can that also happen by using tags?

For example if I set up tags and use them in a subtask can that automatically make that task also sit in another board? And can that also work for subtasks?

Just trying to find a way to link upwards without duplication of effort where possible.

This is the rule I currently have in place?

Hi @Donna9 ,

Welcome to the forum! Tags are not natively supported in rules (I believe they are supported in @Phil_Seeman 's 3rd-party Flowsana, if that’s an option for you), but you could accomplish this using single- or multi-select fields instead.

The modification to your existing rule would be to use the new rule builder (reference that message near the top that says “To use conditions, create a new rule”). You would either trigger it on a field changing or condition it on that field value equalling some specific value.


Right! Flowsana lets you create rules with tags as the trigger (If tag X added to task; If tag X removed from task) and actions (Add tag X to task; Remove tag X from task).

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Thanks Stephen glad to be here! Thank you for you assist. I will take a look at what you’ve suggested. How do I get access to Flowsana? Is that a plug in?

@Donna9 - it’s a 3rd-party add-on that is already built into parts of the Asana rule builder AI. I’m honestly not super familiar with it (my org doesn’t permit me to use external services), but here is the link to it and @Phil_Seeman (the app’s creator) is extremely active in the forum.

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@Donna9 Feel free to message us if you have any questions about Flowsana or creating rules with tags!

Will do thanks @Phil_Seeman

You could create a custom field that functions as a tag. And then the trigger could be that the task is added to the project or the custom field being changed is the trigger. The “check if” can check the custom field and then the action would be to add to an additional project.

Here’s my custom field I made. You would probably want to add it to the library so that tag can follow it around as it gets multi-homed or moved to a different project.

Thanks so much, I’ve done something similar and it seems to work! So good to know I was on the right track. :slight_smile: