What if rules

Hi everyone,

I’m needing some advise in regards to what if rules and routing capabilities.

In short, I’ve created a form which the end user fills in. Then depending on the chosen option the form data may then push through to a different project board for the team to action, then ultimately after actioning the task then appearing back in the main project board.

Has anyone successfully been able to;

  • Mark a task complete in 1 board then retain that information as like a history/audit log
  • Then on completion of said task, via rules push and create a new task into a new board, then have the new board mark the task as incomplete without unmarking the previous task completion?

I’ve tried various rules whereby one the task appears on the second project board, it marks it as incomplete but I end up with that board then overriding the first board and marking the task as incomplete as well then ending up in a repetitive loop. Plus it then shows that the original signee hasn’t completed the task.

I’ve also then tried instead of adding the task to an additional project, I’ve used the move task but then it takes away the history as mentioned above.

Any ideas?

Hi @Andrew_Doran thanks for posting.
Basically with multihoming if a task is complete it is complete in both places and vice versa. What history do you need it to retain ?

Hi Danielle,

Ah I thought that might be the case. Basically this form and the information captured serves multi different purposes to different teams with 8 different potential assignees.

The historical information is more retaining the submitted answers on each teams project board but it sounds like what I’m after isn’t possible without some give and take?

Hi Andrew,

The answers collected should stay in the description or custom fields as it moves board? Are you using questions connected to custom fields and do all teams boards have the same custom fields?

Yes that’s true unless I move the task off to another board. The bigger issue is the task complete, I’ll need to find a workaround for that

Moving the task off to another board does not remove any info?

The info stays which is great but of course the task then moves off the board that it needs to stay on as well.

Catch 22. But that’s fine, I’ll find a workaround for my issue.

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