Copying Tasks and All Custom Fields to Other Projects

Currently, we use projects to track assigned tasks across different teams. We have one main operations team board and then separate project boards for each team within operations containing the same tasks just filtered to only having sections applicable to team members within sub teams.
Because of this, I want to be able to make sure any updates that get made to a task (including changes in statuses from custom fields) to also happen to the tasks in the sub team boards. Is this possible? We have added the sub team boards as a tag.

It should be straightforward, assuming the following:

(1) The Tasks in question are multi-homed to all Projects where you want them to appear. (As opposed to, say, being duplicated.)

(2) The Custom Fields in question have been added to your org’s Global Library (as opposed to, say, merely being present in a Template that gets used again and again).

(3) You are using those exact, identical Custom Fields in each Project (as opposed to, say, a Custom Field with the same name and same attributes that happens to be a different entity).

It’s sadly easy to create a situation that looks right, but isn’t. There are ways to detect, but please check the 3 items above.