Link Form with Project - Doable?

Hello!! Hoping someone might be able to help shed some light on this and apologies in advance if my terminology is off - I’m new to Asana…!

We have a project board that is linked to a form. The form initially gets filled and submitted by our Sales Reps. Once submitted, that form creates a new “project” on the relevant project board (example - Packaging Request Form → submitted and creates a “task” or “project” in the Packaging Requests “room”)

The Reps completing the form initially do not usually have all the data needed and once submitted, the form prompts a chain of tasks for other employees to complete certain tasks (example - purchasing is prompted to update the task with pricing)

Currently, if Purchasing updates the form itself using “details” to view the complete info, the information added does not appear on the columns of the project and vise versa - if a cost amount is entered into a column field, it does not populate to the details of the form.

Is there any way to ensure the 2 are linked? They are, essentially, the same field.

HELP! :slight_smile:

Hello @Adi_Shwartz,

By room do you mean it creates a task within an Asana project or it creates a project within an Asana team? So various scenarios?

Can you please clarify what exactly you mean?

If a form has been submitted that means the submission is complete. Whatever you edit on the task after will show on the task directly.

Not sure what you mean by visa-versa? Do you mean the form to be updated?

Now in terms of information not showing I would check the form settings as a first step to look into how things are connected.
See more under „data field mapping here

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I think you answered my question with your very last point - once a form has been submitted it is complete and any further editing must be done on the task that was created from the form and will only show directly on the task.

Thank you!!

Okay great :slight_smile:
Just in case you would be interested in the editing feature I recommend upvoting here: [Forms] Use Forms to edit a prior submission (for example, make changes on the answer)

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