Form link not connected to project

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: Upon duplicating a project, or creating project from template, link to associated form(s) is not connected to the newly created project; but rather it is connected to the original project/template.

Steps to reproduce: 1) create template project including a form(s), and task with link to said form. 2) Create project from said template 3) notice link to form is not updated/adjusted but rather it is the same link from the original project/template. As such, form submission from newly created project is found in original project (not newly created project).

Browser version: Google chrome

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @GARLAND.ZHENG , welcome to the forum :smiley:

I believe what you are describing is expected behaviour and not a bug. What you are looking for is variable substitution which is not currently possible within Asana.

Perhaps @Phil_Seeman can advise whether this is something that his 3rd party integration can support…?

Thank you @Richard_Sather. I recall I had no issues during the trial period, but hey maybe I’m wrong. :thinking:

Look forward to hearing @Phil_Seeman 's take on this.

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This is expected @GARLAND.ZHENG as form in project created from your template have their own unique link :slight_smile: