Copy or duplicate form to new Project

I am a big dummy and built out a nice form in a project. Turns out I need that form in a totally different project. How can I copy or clone or duplicate it to the correct, existing Project? Am I stuck rebuilding it?

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When creating projects from a template containing a form then the form will be showing in the project you created.

Now moving a form from one project to another won‘t work. Here is an existing feedback request thread.
But you can set up rules to automatically move any form submissions to the project where you need them.

Thank you.
As it always goes, I was able to figure out the right path forward in my head. Thank you for the reply.

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What did you end up doing?

Hey @Matthew_King What did you end up doing to move or duplicate the form in another project?

@Mike_Sage & @Nicole_Kelly

I just sucked it up and manually made new forms in each project.

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what is the rule???

Hey @Julie_White, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! Sorry, I have missed your question.

Here is a rule example

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