Let's celebrate 10K! Words of appreciation from the Asana team #10K



Asana Community, we adore you! The Asana team wanted to share their gratitude and help you celebrate this 10,000 member milestone, so they shared these words with you. :heartbeat: … scroll down for more

Love from Asana

Building an Asana Community has been on my mind for many years and seeing it thrive and reach 10,000 members so quickly after launch has been one of the highlights of my time at Asana. I am so excited about its direction and extend my sincerest thanks to everyone who has been involved in making it a success.
– Brian

My favorite Community story was learning that two different high school friends living in Australia and Germany stumbled across my comments as they were setting up their Asana projects and entering the Community for inspiration and support. I’m excited that our Community’s messages are reaching far and wide. Congratulations on 10,000!
– Aisling

Such an exciting milestone to celebrate! Thank you so much to all the participants in the Community who contribute to an amazing space where we can share, learn and celebrate the work being done in Asana. Our goal as a company is to create the perfect tool to unlock your team’s potential and my job as a customer success manager is to help your team achieve that potential. I love to point my customers towards the Community because I know it’s a place where they can get questions answered by their peers and find inspiration. Keep up the great work and keep the Community buzzing!
– Tatiana

So many questions answered, experiences shared and happy users! Our Community has become a wonderful source of knowledge and help for our customers. From a UO perspective, I love referring our customers to the Community when they are looking to adapt Asana to their specific workflow or when they are curious to find out how other organizations are making the most of it. A massive thank you to you Alexis for organizing it, and to our Champions who are doing some remarkable work. I’m very proud to be part of this journey :wink:
– Marie

As far as my role in partnerships and bizdev we have only touched the tip of the iceberg as far as the true value of the Community for Asana. The Community is invaluable as we think about growing our own business and your participation only enhances and accelerates that. Thank you for being a part of our journey and congratulations!
– Sharrifah

As the Asana champ at my previous company (before working for Asana ) I would have loved a place to connect with other champions and send my teammates to get unblocked by chatting with others. Now that it exists, I’m happy to see champs connecting, and helping others get their team on board to get to the magic of Asana faster and better than before.
– Nikki

Thanks so much to all 10,000 people who have joined the Asana Community! Not only are you all a wealth of inspiration and ideas on how to use Asana, but it’s been wonderful getting a chance to more directly interact with you. Thanks to the Asana Community, the people we build for, write for, and create for, have become more than just numbers in a report.
– Jessie

It’s been incredible to see the generosity of Community members - sharing knowledge, sharing empathy and sharing stories. Thank you for contributing to the Asana Community. We wouldn’t be a Community without each of you!
– Amy

The Asana Community is 10K members strong - what an amazing milestone! A huge thanks to each and every member for contributing their time, energy, and wisdom. Your individual support has been the building block for what the Community is today - thriving! It’s been an incredible journey for us on the Customer Success team at Asana, from the first hours of excitement post-launch through the evolution of the Community. Let’s keep up the buzz!
– Yevgeniya

Congratulations Community for reaching this incredible milestone! I’m so thankful for everyone’s participation thus far and so excited to see where Community goes in 2018 and beyond.
– Lily

As a CSM, one of the questions customers ask me most often is “How do customers like me do this?”. The Community is an amazing forum to answer just that — and many other questions, too! It’s been so fun watching the Community go from a few members to 10,000. I can’t wait to watch it grow even more! Congrats!
– Shannon

Congratulations on reaching 10,000 users! Thank you so much for building a wealth of knowledge for both our customers and internal employees. It’s been great watching the Community grow with people and ideas and I love learning new tips and tricks from all of you. I constantly point my customers toward Community posts to read about similar problems they are having and the best workflows to fix them. Thanks again for being an incredible resource for Asana and can’t wait to see what the New Year brings!
– Kristen

The Community is an essential resource for supporting our customers at scale by meeting them where they are when the have questions and enabling them to connect with other customers like them.

I can still remember the first 5 customers we had in the Community as we were testing the concept, and it is unbelievable to think only a little over a year later we have 10,000 folks who have joined the Community to ask questions, share best practices, and connect with other enthusiastic Asana users. At this milestone, I’d love to share my deep appreciation for everyone who made this possible, including the dozens of folks involved in launching the Community, the countless Asanas who have joined and interacted with the Community since, the incredible Champions who help support our Community members, and our fabulous Community manager, Alexis! The Community would not be thriving today without the support and input of the entire Asana team and our engaging member base. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

So cheers to 10,000 members, and cheers to the next 10,000 too!
– Kaitie

Thank you so much to all of our users that have made the Community a lively and informative area for both Asanas and customers to share knowledge and learn more. There are just so many threads and areas such as https://forum.asana.com/c/tipsandtricks that are a wealth of knowledge, and the camaraderie between users is palpable. Thanks so much to Alexis for being the ever friendly face of the Community, and I’m looking forward to all that is coming next year such as Language groups and more. Here’s to the next 10,000!
– Niamh