Get to know the people in our Community. A snapshot of #10K members



10,000 members is a big number, and behind that number is a group of fantastic individuals who help our Community thrive. Let’s take this moment to appreciate the stories of a few of our Community members, who remind us that it really does take a village. :slight_smile:

Photos from Asana Community members.

Getting to know our Community members


Sebastian Paasch (@Sebastian_Paasch)
I set up internet startups in the past. Now I’m implementing the Asana love in SMBs across Europe. I love to travel and learn new things. I do lots of CrossFit and mountain biking. I use Asana for everything, even a shared grocery list with my girlfriend. My favorite Community story is meeting Paul in person in New Zealand (pictured above; Sebastian left, Paul right). Great to exchange tips in person.


Avery Bingham (@Avery_Bingham)
I am the marketing coordinator for a full-service digital marketing agency here in the southern US. In my free time, I teach spin class and I love to weave on my loom :slight_smile: I also have a husband and a long-haired dachshund named Patty, who is as adorable as she sounds!

I use Asana for daily task management, team organization, and project coordination. In the Community, hearing from other professionals about their own issues with organization and teamwork helps me to remember that we all have days when we feel totally disorganized and scattered! The user-generated tips that are available in the Asana Community have really helped me see Asana not just as a “task management” system but as a total team management system.


Salman Khwaja (@Salman_Khwaja)
I work as Manager of Application Security. My hobby is thinking about how to streamline everything, from processes to work management. Kind of like what Asana is already doing. I have been working as a process engineer and now I have branched out to application security.

I came to the Asana Community when I had a question about moving tasks from other workspaces. I found an answer to my question in an existing thread before I even had to post it!


Amy Killoran (@Amy_Killoran)
I do Marketing, Creative, Consulting, Project Management, and Strategy work full-time and for other companies on a freelance basis.

I use Asana for everything. I love it so much and highly recommend it to others. I’ve even run coaching sessions for friends going into new roles that require Asana, or for friends who are looking to impress their boss with better organization. The Asana Community has opened my eyes to the number of integrations and automations that can be made for project management and marketing automations.


Tom Sopwith (@Tom_Sopwith)
As Director of Partner Success at IT Glue I love process and I love documentation. I love to release others to do creative and excellent work. When I’m successful then both our partners, and our team are growing. I use Asana for running my work life, collaborating with my team, and achieving goals.

The Asana Community inspired some new ideas, improved my engagement in the app, and given me faith that Asana is a growing team and product and the future is very bright. I enjoy generally seeing some of the power users interact in a friendly manner with those new to the platform, and seeing the “culture” of Asana extend into the Community.


Liz Aponte (@Liz_Aponte)
My name is Liz and I’m Director for a program called Extra Life, which is a fundraising program of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Each year, tens of thousands of gamers sign up for Extra Life where they can play games and raise funds for their local children’s hospital. We use Asana at Extra Life to run our program. Without Asana, we would not be able to raise $10 million+ a year for over 170 local Children’s Hospitals.

I always appreciate a non-toxic internet environment, and the Asana Community has always been that to me. Not only that, it’s caused me to learn tips and tricks I never would have been able to take back to my team.


Mark Hudson (@Mark_Hudson)
I design qualifications for the technical education sector (16-19 year-olds). In my spare time I like spending time with my family (I have 2 young children), running, playing the guitar and reading. My team at work uses Asana to manage and report on product developments, and I also use it to manage my personal workload and 'to-do’s.

The community has been invaluable for finding information, solving problems and getting ideas for how we could better use Asana. When I first joined the Community, I wanted to figure out how to use the API to get a list of all custom fields currently in use. I had no idea what an API was at that point, and I posted a thread to get some advice (Is it possible to view all custom fields?). @Allen talked me through the whole thing with such kindness and patience that I aspired to be that way myself in all of my responses in the Community. I’ve never forgotten that, and it demonstrates how one person’s willingness to help can inspire another to do the same.


James Jolly (@James_Jolly)
I am a marketing specialist with Sample Supports, a social services agency in Colorado. Sample Supports provides community based services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and includes a network of businesses that employee these individuals.

Asana is the operational backbone of Sample Supports. We use it for everything from project management and daily tasks to cross-company communication and community building. We store past campaigns and templates on Asana, and utilize projects and conversations for strategic planning and future-focused initiatives. Notes from meetings, results from events and campaigns and pretty much everything else is stored in Asana.

The community has been there to keep Asana fun and functional for us. We use the community for troubleshooting, advice and training. Our team has been using Asana for a long time, and if things every get to unwieldy, or we face an issue, the Community and Community members are there to help.

Thank you again to all of our Community members! We adore you.


Thank you Asana Community for being amazing and helping us raise even more funds and awareness for local children’s hospitals. And thank you @Alexis for including us on this 10k milestone! Here’s to many more members joining the Asana community!


Thanks to everyone in the Community team for making this happen, special thanks to @Alexis

Merry :christmas_tree: !


Congratulations, Asana Community, fellow Champions, and Asana folk! If you’re celebrating Christmas, have a great one. :christmas_tree: