To our 25,000 members - thank you! ❤️

I’m very proud to announce that we have reached over 25K users in the Asana Community Forum! This is an important milestone for our Global Community and we owe this success to you!

Back in 2017, when we launched this Forum, we envisioned a space where users could share their experience, knowledge and feedback; but also a place where we could learn from each other. Over the last 2 years, you brought our vision to the next level and contributed to build an incredible educational resource and a friendly networking space.

So on the behalf of the whole Asana Team, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for your engagement, your energy and your willingness to share your knowledge with us, and each other. I’d like to also take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all our Forum champions who are going above and beyond on a day to day basis, to help other users resolve their issues. Your support means a lot to us, and the impact you’re having is contributing every day to the success of this Community Forum.

I’m excited for what’s to come in the future, and I can’t wait to share with you our vision for the future of the Asana Community Forum!

Congrats everyone, have all a fabulous Thursday!



Congratulations to the Community, and @Marie in particular. You’ve done a brilliant job of taking this to the next level and helping it grow even further. :tada::confetti_ball::balloon:


Wow. A great achievement for all of us. Congrats


Wow! Those are some serious numbers for a community!! Congrats!

I’d be curious how many active monthly users there are in the community! I’m sure only a small percentage is actually posting and “liking”, like with any community, very interesting though!

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A great accomplishment and great resource for implementing the power of Asana.


Woohoo. Congrats… Thanks to @Marie and all the other Asana team members that get involved in the community as well.
Personally myself I have immensely enjoyed being part of this community, and learning on a daily basis on things about Asana and being part of a global community…



I just want to second all these words and thank @Marie, all the other Asanas, everyone who pitches in to answer questions and share information, and of course everyone asking!



I love the Asana Community! The future is looking exciting!


fantastic achievement! One note, and this may fit elsewhere in which case please do tell me: there is currently no way to get to from my asana portal itself. as I have features i have questions or comments about, would be great to have a clearer path to get here.

in general, there should be a way to give feedback at a moment.


:dog: Super cool to be one of those 25,000. Here’s to us! :unicorn:


Hey that is a great Idea @Ariana_Koblitz1, I have it as a default webpage when Chrome starts up but have it direct from Asana like the Guide Pages would be a good idea.

@Marie/@TimTieu - Is this possible?


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Now new mile stone 25,000 Likes

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Thanks for your feedback @Ariana_Koblitz1 and for the mention @Jason_Woods. This is definitely something we’re planning to implement in the future; but in the meanwhile, having the Forum to automatically open with your browser is a great tip! Will keep you posted as soon as I have some update on this topic!

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What an amazing achievement! I’m using Asana for more than 4 years now but I had to use Google Search in order to find out the forum and use it. Promoting more of it would be great, all Asana friends would love to know more about it!


Welcome to the Forum @Panos_Ladas and thank you so much for your feedback regarding the promotion of the Community Forum; we’ll definitely work on promoting it more in the future!

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Hi Marie,

I was unsure how to ask for help about this software. Is there an unlimited number of how many teams or projects we can have? I know there is a limit on how many people we have per project or task.

Also, is there record retention? like how long does our records or projects stay on this database? is it forever? or several months? or is only when we decide when to erase them?


Hi @justine.vasquez, and welcome to the Forum :wave:t3:

I would recommend reaching out directly to our Support Team who will be in a better position to assist you with the bunch of questions you have listed above! To reach out to the simply follow these steps.

Have a great Monday!

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