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🏡 Remote Work Millions of workers worldwide are now hunkering down at home. For some, it’s a complete shift in workstyle, for others it’s just another day. But for even the most seasoned folks working from home, the situation at hand is certainly new and different. Luckily in the Community we have each other to make connections, share advice, and answer questions. And of course, Asana the tool certainly helps. So feel free to use this category to share your favorite tips, best practices, and things to keep in mind to make this new wave of remote work*. Whether Asana tips, or general tips, we’d love to hear how you’re working through it.
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🏆 The Asana coolest projects Award

Hi, community, As Asana users, we all have projects we are proud of. Whether they are fun, innovative, clean, or practical, we have all designed the best projects for our situation. For example, I am very proud of my “C…

15 March 20, 2020
Who sees whom, a guide to guest visibility with Batman & Robin

Hi :wave:, When working with guests, I am always confused by who sees who, because in a lot of cases a guest will see another guest as “Private user”. So they basically see comments like “Hey Bryan, Private user will he…

10 January 9, 2020
Muting Forum Posts in Foreign Language Categories

Hi, If you’d like to stop seeing posts in languages you don’t speak, I think you can do so here in the Forum by clicking your avatar > :gear: settings icon > Categories > Muted and adding categories to exclude. Mine now…

8 July 9, 2019
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🥳 TGIF: What is your favourite moment of your quaROUTINE!

Thank you so much for participating in our last Friday Challenge! We loved all your creative and amazing home offices, your great views and your four paws mates above all! :heartpulse: :dog: To cheer up to one more Frid…

6 March 28, 2020
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