Let Us Sort Projects Manually in Sidebar

Thank you! I can now have my projects back in the order I want them

I’m glad this worked for you. I was quite relieved when I was able to restore everything to the previous workflow with some effort. I’m golden moving forward now.
Now let’s all hope they don’t remove this feature from us too.

When is the roll back being done. This “new” view is a disaster


They claim to “hear” us, but it’s evident they don’t. Their failures have left us deeply disappointed. For years now, as users, we have been disregarded and our voices ignored. Asana seems more interested in creating superficial visual elements like flying unicorns in their user interface, neglecting the fact that this is not a mere game. We rely on their product to propel our businesses forward, yet our pleas for a basic alphabetical sorting feature in projects have fallen on deaf ears. They have not only failed to implement the requested feature but have completely removed any possibility of sorting projects altogether. Asana, is this what you consider listening?


Please restore the Projects full list view ASAP!

People here are using this App for WORK and BUSINESS, and you can’t throw away a basic feature just to “refresh the branding” and waste our time and work proficiency. I just started to look around for Asana alternatives…


Any news? I’m terrified that nothing happened since May! And I just got this crazy update without being able to go back or choose whether or not we want to change to this terrible new layout!


This totally broke my workflow for how I work through my projects in Asana :frowning:

Thank you for the suggestion above to STAR every one of my projects so I can get some sort of semblance of productivity back.


I finally had to upgrade my desktop app and am now subjected to the new sidebar. I loathe it. We track multiple projects (far more than 10) and now I’ve had to go and star every single one and have removed the projects tab entirely from the sidebar. I am beyond annoyed and our administrator is now looking for alternative software. It will be a pain to migrate everything to a software but not as much of a pain as getting my co-workers to star every single project themselves and then continuing to labouriously curate their own view as new projects are added and older projects are finished, instead of having a single admin curate this by sorting projects and archiving finished ones.


Same. This is unacceptable.


What a disaster! My app just auto updated and just like that, all projects but 5 gone from the sidebar. I’ve had to “Star” them all to restore some sort of productive environment. Just awful.


Make it happen, Asana. This is should be an easy fix!


Wow this new project bar redesign is a mess. Not being able to have my projects in the order I left them in is a disaster. For managing multiple projects at once, this has created really unnecessary extra steps EACH TIME I go between projects… I don’t spend a few hours on one project and then move onto another. I am in and out of projects all day and this bar design is a FLOP.

May Monday.com is better… At least they listen to their users feedback.


Preaching to the choir, but absolutely infuriating not being able to prioritize projects in the sidebar how I see fit… :frowning: Only two heirarchicall options now is insane!!! HELP! I have too many projects to be sifting through them willy-nilly – and cannot for the life of me find my archived projects.

Where are they??

Please tell me you will revert back to some degree… or at least offer functionality to manually organize projects.


I’m using the STARRED functionality recommended above… THANK YOU!

Completely ridiculous also that the list all projects link:

Does NOT let you choose ‘archived’. I just want a list of all my archived and non-archived projects in one place - is that too much to ask?

Complete mess-up - this update!


can everyone upvote this up on the top left hand side

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Finally received the new sidebar rollout this weekend.

I like that you can open portfolios and teams in new windows (tabs) from the desktop app.

Adding a pop-out option (new tab) for all projects could help users who search across multiple teams. Our projects are usually team-specific and this lack of functionality is not an issue for us. There is a “Browse teams” feature; maybe add a “Browse projects” option?

I also suggest reinstalling the “Saved Searches” section, with a new tab option. Longer term, maybe some context could be built into new tab (windows) search bars. I know that with Advanced Search you can be very specific. If a new tab is opened on a specific portfolio, it would be nice if the default search would just search in that portfolio.

Hi everyone,

This is a quick note to let you know the sidebar redesign is now available to all customers. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback and use cases over the last few weeks. We’re committed to continue developing Asana’s sidebar - so your feedback is incredibly important!

Drag and drop projects

From reading the comments on this thread, it looks like you would like to have the ability to drag and drop projects in the sidebar and this is currently possible, see more info below:

You can learn more about the redesigned sidebar in this Forum Leader tip: ✅ Ultimate Guide to the new Sidebar redesign: Get your team prepared!

Sort project list alphabetically

@Francesco_Canovi thanks for your candid feedback! We are launching the ability to sort projects alphabetically soon. We will post an update in this thread as soon as it’s available: https://forum.asana.com/t/sort-project-list-in-the-sidebar/403

I’m closing this thread but if you have a different feature request, I would encourage you to open a new Product Feedback thread to support each specific request and encourage other folks to upvote it.


Has sorting of projects in the Sidebar been added yet? This is extremely useful when trying to manage a large number of client projects


It still hasn’t been added, as far as I can tell, which is becoming a bit of a joke at this point. As people have pointed out, this should be a trivially easy feature to implement, and it’s clearly a crucial one from many people’s perspective.

I don’t have control over what organisation tools my workplace uses, but I advise against Asana to anyone who asks about task management, which in my line of work happens more than you might think. This feature is all that would be needed to change that, though the time it’s taken for this change to be made would remain a mark against.

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