Sort Projects Manually in Sidebar

Hi, I know that the option to sort projects alphabetically was added, but there is still not an easy way to sort them manually. I have to star every project that I want to be able to have in a static position (so I don’t have to hunt for it), and unstar every project that I complete to remove it from view. This has added unnecessary extra steps to something that worked perfectly before, and it is frustrating on a daily basis because we start and complete projects regularly! The original post was closed after the alphabetical sort was added, and a note of how to star projects was given as the only way to accommodate manual sorting. It seems that the many people on the previous thread that requested manual sorting have been ignored. It is very disappointing that Asana has closed the conversation without adding the functionality back.

Hi @Dana_Lewis, you make some good points. As you mentioned, using the Starred area is a good workaround, although it adds a step to star and unstar projects as they come and go.

Is it an option for you to use the projects list in the corresponding team, as shown below? When you manually reorder projects in this view, your selected order is retained both in that view and in the projects list that appears when you hover over the team in the sidebar.

Although not a direct solution, marking as such to highlight a key response.


Hi @Dana_Lewis , to add to @David_Nelson’s excellent suggestions, just note that reordering projects within a team will affect everyone else’s sorting order of those projects. This is unlike the Starred section where the order of projects is entirely a personal preference just for you.

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Thank you @David_Nelson for your reply, but that suggestion still requires more effort than before the sidebar redesign. I never use the pop out project list in teams. To me the pop out is just not as helpful as the projects being in a static position in the sidebar where I can see them all without hovering or clicking on anything. Thank you @Richard_Sather for pointing out that this suggestion would also affect the order for everyone else in the team, which is not ideal. I still prefer the way the projects section worked before the sidebar redesign.

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