Lessons Learned Template

Hey - does anyone have a project/template for a Lessons Learned Project.

I’m envisaging something where teams can submit their good/bad feedback (most likely via a form) and then it gets sorted into a database for us to track rectification or standardisation builds.

anything like that around before I build one?

Hello @Becky_Manson,

do you refer to general feedback and good/bad examples about projects and specific processes?
Such as for example for the team managing adwords to keep track of what worked out really well and why and what ad test failed and why?

If so then I‘d just set up an asana form or template task the team members can fill out and store everything in a wiki project. Generally I‘d recommend having a wiki project per department.
To ensure the team members really attend it definitely needs a recurring Asana task assigned to reminding to keep track of such good and bad examples as this helps others to learn from them.

Here is some info from the Asana blog as well that might he useful: How to Capture Lessons Learned in Project Management • Asana

I hope that is what you were looking for?

Thanks for sharing Andrea -

I ended up building a project including a form and workflows to automatically create subtasks etc to ensure the LLs are reviewed and fixed.


Sounds good!

@Becky_Manson - do you have a screen shot of the workflow/ project sections - I would love to see how you set this up?

Hey sure thing!

There are additional business lines as well but for the ease of the screenshot I have moved the completed section across.

This is what we are finding works for us though I am planning on reviewing and improving this in the new year as this was more of a sticky plaster to start getting LLs onto Asana.

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