Keep collapsed sections collapsed when saved under "Save layout as default"

We use a single project as an engineering backlog and have several sections within it to organize it. It would be great to collapse those sections and when saving the layout as default, keep them collapsed when a page refresh occurs.


Yes please!!


I have not found a way to collapse sections at all, even if the view does not save as the default view - which would be preferred, certainly!

Are others aware of a way to collapse sections at all using current functionality?


This capability is arriving as part of the larger change to be able to switch between list and board views, now underway:

As soon as the list projects in your workspaces undergo this conversion (should be sometime within the next couple of months based on the latest news updates), you will be able to collapse your sections when in list view!


If you sort a list view by a custom field that is created with dropdown options, then you will see that Asana sorts it for you as toggle-able sections. You can close them but they won’t stay closed if you refresh the page. That’s what my feature request above is about.


@Alena_Dagneau Ah, OK. In Asana terminology those aren’t actually “sections”. I don’t know of an official term for what you’re describing but I suppose it would be “custom field groupings”. I.e. the request would be Keep custom field groupings collapsed when saved under “Save layout as default”.


We got the new collapsable section feature during the weekend and the first comment I got from users was how do we keep them collapse when switching form one project to another one.


Yes. The ability to keep sections collapsed by default would be a great addition.


Keeping sections collapsed when leaving an re-entering a project would be a great feature. Is there any place to vote for change requests?


You can vote at the top @Philip_McCreight where I made the original request :slight_smile:


Thanks… seems I was kind of blind :slight_smile:

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So I am loving this, especially the ability to collapse sections. Makes things much cleaner.

HOWEVER - the sections default to all being open. This means that, to make it clean, I have to go zip them back up before I can choose what I want to see. Is there a way to make the default Section setting to be un-expanded, and then to expand them as I see fit? (instead of having them default to be expanded and me having to go close them to get a cleaner view)?




Hi @Andrew_Seidman, the new Sections aren’t part of this launch, so I’ve gone ahead and moved your post to the most relevant #productfeedback thread we currently have: Keep collapsed sections collapsed when saved under "Save layout as default". Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with!

Sections can now be collapsed. But when you refresh the page the state return back.
After collapsing many sections to have a better view, all my work is wasted after a page refresh. Keep the section collapse mode per user and avoid reset after refresh


Thank you for sharing your feedback with us @Yoav_Crombie! I totally hear you.
Hopefully this is something we can address in future updates!

Have a great thursday!


Yup, that would be a huge improvement. It would double or triple (10x?) the value of the feature — after all, it’s intent is to reduce visual noise, right? Why would you build a collapsible section but then open it every time?


+1. Thank you!

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+1. Please.

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Title says it all. For projects with lots of sections containing lots of tasks it would be nice to retain the collapsed state of certain sections when returning to said project.