"Jumping" Tasks in Advanced Search

I’ve been extremely frustrated with the new “jumping” tasks in Advanced Search. This seems to have been a recent change to the way that results are loaded to the page, and it’s incredibly annoying if trying to view a select group of tasks and/or to perform bulk edits.

Because the page seems to be continually updating/refreshing while viewing the search results, the tasks within the list jumping up, jumping down, and sometimes disappear entirely. When attempting to select a group of those tasks, the items get ‘lost’ in the list and you cannot use the list (successfully) to keep track of the “current” max of 50 tasks that have been selected… becuase they are slip up. Item 49 is no longer item 49 in the list. This is KILLING my productivity. I can sometimes work around this jumping affect by changing the sort criteria to be “by due date” or similar, but that’s not always feasible.

This issue reminds me of a toddler in the chair at the barber shop! “Stay still,” I keep yelling at my computer screen once I’ve started to review the items in the list!

Asana, how can this be fixed? And potentially reverted to the ‘old’ way of loading the search results!?

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I wonder if disable JavaScript via Chrome dev tools will keep things from refreshing. Would have to turn it back in after though.

I’ll test it tomorrow and let ya know if it’s a viable, if not ideal, workaround.

I am totally backing this.

It was much better when the filtered list of tasks was static and wouldn’t update by itself. When I needed to get updated list I could just reload the page.
And it’s not just about sorting by relevance. If a task doesn’t comply with the filter anymore it just disappears from the list at some random point.

Here is just one case that is now broken:

  • I want to unfollow all tasks in a project except those assigned to me or commented by me (I get too much unnecessary notifications to my Inbox about minor changes in tasks).
  • I use Advanced search to find those tasks, and there’s much more than 50 tasks that meet the criteria
  • Since there’s more than 50 tasks, I can only unfollow them in batches of 50
  • Once I unfollow first 50 tasks, the list starts to update unpredictably and I have to wait until it stabilizes to select next 50 tasks

And this is relevant to any use case when you need to massively change some task parameters / field values, that at the same time are used in search criteria.

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