Advance Search > Bulk Edits Slow Response Time

I’m a big fan of using Advanced Search to review multiple tasks of similar nature all at once and making bulk edits. This helps when keeping due dates consistent and tasks with dependencies in alignment, along with many other benefits and reasons to use. I use it daily. It’s a part of my process as a manager (and defacto project manager) when reviewing tasks with common task names / custom field values and reprioritizing. Bulk edits are my favorite thing. I couldn’t live without them. Again, I’m a big fan.

Unfortunately, a recent change to Asana’s backend (?) seems to have created a hiccup in my process.

What used to be a matter of seconds for a bulk edit to be applied to a set of tasks (anywhere from 5 to 50 tasks), now takes seemingly EONS. I can’t continue my process until the edits have been applied… the screen freezes, I have to wait for “edits to be synced,” etc. but because these types of edits now take so long to be applied to the tasks, I easily get distracted and multi-task until I’ve completely forgotten the sequence of edits I was intending to make.

Productivity dive.

Lost mojo.

Fandom turned to frustration. :sob:

Asana, how can this be fixed?!