Issue with CSV importer

Is this fixed yet? There is no indication as to whether or not the import is complete? The import was supposed to save time, but sitting here waiting for whether or not it has worked has taken up half the time I could have spent inputting the information manually with greater accuracy. I think it is breaking heuristics best practices by not providing feedback for this process.

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Hi @Kenz and thanks for reaching out. Can you please provide us with more details regarding the issue you’re running into? Please note that I’ve moved you post to a new thread to follow-up specifically on your issue. I look forward to your reply!

This actually was one of the issues I also had in the thread that you separated this comment from. Here’s what I received back from asana:

Regarding knowing when the import has completed:
We have an update for this that you should see within a week. The message in the bottom left will indicate how many tasks we are importing, and when there import is completed, the message will indicate this.

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Thanks @Karol_Dixon_de_la_O,

I’m separating threads to stay organise and follow up individually with all of you, but thanks for jumping in and sharing this info :slight_smile: