Is there a way to search on Projects rather than Tasks?

I would love to create a chart that shows the number of projects on one axis and the status color (red, yellow, green, blue) on the other axis, filtered by project owner. Has anyone done anything like this?

I have only been able to create charts and searches for tasks, but not projects.

Not yet, but this is a much-requested feature and Universal Reporting is still being actively developed, so we’re hoping!



But, @Denise_Baker, you CAN see Projects in your search results if you use the search button but don’t hit “Enter/Return” on your keyboard.

You can also see People (Users), Teams, and Portfolios using this same method.

Regarding full search results with projects, if there’s one guy that’s in the know on reporting, it’s @lpb, so we’re in good hands.

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I’m ok with that if @Denise_Baker is :slight_smile:


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