Filter task reports by project fields in universal reporting

I am trying to use universal reporting (Insights > Reporting > Dashboard) to create task reporting for projects in a portfolio (or multiple portfolios). I would like to filter these task reports by project fields (specifically those that are in our organization library so should carry over across portfolios). Has anyone figured out how to accomplish this?

As an example, I want to see all incomplete tasks (y-axis count) by assignee (x-axis) in projects with the custom field Region value=“EMEA”.

I know that I could just nest portfolios (e.g., one global portfolio containing a portfolio for each region), but I want to slice data along many axes, so this doesn’t seem practical for ongoing maintenance.

Hi @Stephen_Li Welcome to the forum!

Essentially the custom fields are attached to the project not the tasks within the project. So if you are reporting on tasks within a portfolio it wont filter out as you cannot set project and task parameters . You can either choose the projects plural that you know are EMEA and report on tasks within projects or you can as you said do an EMEA portfolio.

Hi Danielle,

Thanks for the welcome and quick reply! Unfortunately, I think scale will prevent the individual project selection solution from being workable, so I’ll just need to use nested portfolios for now.

I’m assuming this limitation stems from the ability to multi-home tasks across projects (i.e., Task A could be in an EMEA project and an APAC project, which would make my request more complicated).

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