📰 Create Universal Reports to see filtered lists of Projects within a Portfolio

How do you manage the work for your clients? :thinking: Do you handle the work for clients with a project? Do you then manage the status of a project (or opportunity) within a Portfolio (Business feature)? If so, do you often find that it is difficult to seek the clarity needed when assessing work at the Portfolio level?

With Universal Reporting (Premium feature), it becomes even easier to see the data the way you need to see it. Let’s say, for instance, you are a manager and to ensure your team has what they need to close forecasted work on time you need to focus on projects that are either in Development or Proposed. You can easily achieve this by building a chart that looks ahead, but excludes work that has already closed. As seen below.

You can even choose to view this work in a variety of ways. In the example below, the same results are shown by Project Stage and Project Status. This gives the managers the information they need to take action and offer any necessary support to get work on track.

One of my favorite features about Universal Reporting is the click-through behavior. Did you know you can click on any area of these charts and your Projects are presented in a view that mirrors a Saved Search? You can then easily jump in and out of projects to view their specific information or request a Status Update from a peer. Once your action is taken you can navigate back to this Project listing by clicking the back button in your browser.

How are you using Universal Reporting to see your work and take action? :smiley:


Click-through is a great feature indeed :slight_smile: they had a bunch of bug though where the result was not matching exactly the filters, hope that is fixed.