Reporting the Project Value in a Portfolio

I have a portfolio with 20 projects in it. Each Project has the custom numeric field of US dollars named “Annual revenue” and Monthly Revenue".
Using the Reporting tool, I would like to be able to view the revenue for the entire portfolio of Projects as a whole.
Can this be done?

Hi @Jason_Morris and welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately, Universal Reporting only currently allows you to create dashboards with task data. Hopefully in a future release we will be able to report against project data as well.

One way that I am able to achieve what you are describing is through the Google Sheets integration - Google Sheets + Asana: Create custom reporting • Asana

Once you have a Portfolio synced to Google Sheets you can do a lot of custom charting or introduce pivot tables. You might find this reply (or thread) interesting: Showing sum of project's numeric field (costs etc.) in Portfolios - #3 by Jerod_Hillard

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What I do as a workaround is that I use this trick 💡 Universal Reporting: how to mix Asana data and external data and have script consolidate data and store them inside tasks…

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Thank you for taking the time to explain!

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