View Only Portfolio

Would love to have a “view only” option for the portfolios. My team uses portfolios to track all of our initiatives in one place, and we also report out on initiative status to stakeholders and partner teams. We really need a way to share out the status of all of our projects, without giving access to the projects themselves, or edit access to the portfolio.

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Hello @Cassie_Fraser,

Have you had a look at Universal Reporting? This might be what you are looking for.

If that does not work, could you please specify what precise results or workflows you want to achieve/establish with a view-only Portfolio that cannot be achieved with Universal Reporting?


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I’m wondering whether Screenful supports status updates as displayed within portfolios? :thinking:

CC: @Sami_Linnanvuo, founder of Screenful

@Richard_Sather we don’t support project or portfolio-level status updates at the moment, unfortunately. That’s something we plan to add support for but there’s no ETA yet. Thanks for the mention anyway!

Thanks @SamiLinnanvuo , that’s good to know.
Screenful is amazing, keep up the great work :+1:


Until/if this becomes available, you might want to consider Asana2Go’s (disclaimer: I’m the creator) Projects Dashboard output:

This could help, but might be inconvenient for you, so do check the article and/or video first.



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Definitely. I’ve looked into Universal Reporting, and it won’t necessarily meet our need as we’re looking to report out on project status, estimated delivery timeline, and assigned priority rating for each project. I haven’t been able to find a way to create this in Universal Reporting, I’ve only been able to create charts/present data on all projects, vs being able to report on each project individually.

In that case, +1 from my side :slight_smile: makes sense to me and could be implemented like in Projects where guests can be invited with “comment-only”