Marking a project as Completed makes no difference to search results

It’s great we have this ability now. I do have the ability to change Status of my Projects to Complete.
HOWEVER…unlike the announcement…this makes NO difference to any search result. Each row of the Search result shows that Tasks in the Completed Project look identical to how they did before Project Completion.

Hi @Stephanie_Oberg, thanks for reaching out!

Testing this on my end, I can see the project completion in both the Search bar and Advanced Search results page.

Search Bar

Advanced Search results

Could you please provide a screenshot of what you seen when marking a project complete?

Looking forward to hearing back from you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply! I see that we now have Projects showing up as search results, which I believe is new. And if I am searching for a project, then those results do show Project completion as a visual marker (but not as a search parameter, i.e. I can’t choose to disregard Tasks in a Completed Project):

However, I was expecting to see that if my Advanced Search Task results are in a Completed Project, I would either be able to filter them out, or sort them, or somehow differentiate them. However, I can’t:


I don’t want the Tasks from Completed Projects to show in Search results routinely - I’d like that to be an option which is turned off as default. Y2K is over!

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My post above definitely ISN’T a solution - it is a description of the issue. @Rebecca_McGrath is it possible to take the Solution tag off my post?

Thanks for following up, @Stephanie_Oberg! I suggest creating a post in the #productfeedback category to request the addition of a “Completed Projects” filter :slight_smile:

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