Search no longer sorts by project




before the update of August 29, when we did a search on a label, we had a sort by project and macro task.
Now all the tasks are in chaos with titled “No Project”

Could you correct this issue or explain us if you have an other possibility to sort?



Hi @Johann_PIERRE,

Very sorry for the delay here! Have you tried clicking on the gear icon at the top right of your screen? You should be able to sort by project like so:

Please let us know if you’re unable to do this and provide a screenshot of what you’re seeing in your reply. Thanks!


Hi @Alexis

The answer don’t match my request.
We have the problem when i do a search on a label.
In my example tasks with blocking tag that are spread across several sub tasks. Previously we had the parent task that appeared.


Thank for your help


Hi Johann

I’m struggling to understand this one a little bit. Is it to do with the fact that subtasks don’t automatically inherit their parent project? Your screenshot appears to be a list of subtasks that haven’t been allocated to a project, which is what’s preventing you from filtering.

Maybe you could run through the steps you’re taking and the results you were expecting.



Hi @Mark_Hudson

My tasks are related with a project. But when i make a search i can’t see the parent.
Before the release of 29 august i saw the parent and the task and below the task.

For exemple:

Parent 1
task 1 (label a)
task 2 (label b)
task 3 (label a)
Parent 2
task 4 (label a)
task 5 (label a)
task 6 (label c)

When i search all task with the label a, now i see
task 1
task 3
task 4
task 5

Before, the result of search was
Parent 1
task 1
task 3
Parent 2
task 4
task 5

Is that clearer?




@Johann_PIERRE Thanks for providing a screenshot. The confusion here is around how subtasks appear in your My Tasks. The My Tasks list you’ve shown us actually includes subtasks. When subtasks appear in your My Tasks, you’ll see an indication of the parent task they belong to, but you will not see an indication of the parent project.

If you’d like to see the parent project, then you’ll need to convert those subtasks to ordinary tasks. I hope this was helpful!

Please let us know if you have questions.


Hi Guys,

Long time listener, first time caller…

Removing the project association form sub tasks has really put a ten ton spanner in our works.

Can you explain why this has happened? We have been using asana as a project management tool, not a task management tool. We now have a studio full of developers with another needless layer of navigation on their day. The projects view was perfect, including each task assigned to the individual inside a project with one click. But it’s now as Johann has pointed out, a confusing jumble of awful.

Why did you do this oh mighty ones


Hi @Alexis,

I explained everything in my post 3j ago. It is not the view “My Tasks”. But the view during a search related to a label.
With we have the same problem to pilot our projects



Same for my team! We are in a bind here. I’d love to know why this happened and if it was a mistake when it will be fixed.

I’m afraid I’ll have a revolt on my hands after I worked so hard to get my 12-person team accustomed to working in Asana.


Hi Johann, My apologies for writing My Tasks. The same situation occurs when you’re using My Tasks as when you’re conducting a search. This is not an error, rather the intended result of a search with subtasks. Please refer to my post above for instructions regarding converting subtasks to ordinary tasks.


All -

To clarify this is not new functionality. Subtasks are not automatically tethered to the parent project. If you’d like a subtask to appear in the project view or if you’d like the project label to appear on subtasks in My Tasks or in search results, you’ll need to use Tab+P to link the subtask to the parent project.

We understand that this is not ideal. Feel free to submit your feedback in the related thread in our Product Feedback section.


I think I found an example that will help to demonstrate what it is that’s happening. I created a mockup subtask to demonstrate. I hope this helps:

Here is the My Tasks view sorted by Project. The project “Dev :: Give to St. Kate’s Day 2017” has a task called project planning with subtasks. You can see the parent task here:

When I scroll down, I see the unassociated “project planning” subtasks under No Project:

BUT when I conduct a search with the criteria: Assigned to Kayla, incomplete – then I sort by project, I get this, which has associated the subtasks with the project, even if it’s not perfect (which we are accustomed to). See how Project Planning subtasks are now under Dev :: Give to St. Kate’s Day 2017:

Up until recently, this is exactly how the My Tasks used to function. And oddly enough, if you print your My Task view, it will associate the subtasks to a project. (see PDF and scroll to second page with Dev :: Give to St. Kate’s Day 2017)

My Tasks listed printed .pdf (71.5 KB)


Hi @Alexis

“If you’d like to see the parent project, then you’ll need to convert those subtasks to ordinary tasks. I hope this was helpful!”

This solution don’t meet our needs. And this need was present before the 29 August update.
We can’t change all of our project management method along the way as indicated by Kayla.
Can you go back to the previous functional?





We have found the same problem with subtasks on the “My tasks view”. To add to this we have also found other problems on “My tasks” after the update, such as Projects now sorting alphabetically instead of our set order when using sort by Project, or tags being shown in alphabetical order instead of giving preference to colored tags.

All this seems to have changed with the Luna 2 migration, I’m worried that the only reason it’s still working fine on the “search” view could be because it hasn’t been migrated yet. In that case our problem is only going to get worse.

Please restore the previous functionality of “My tasks”, this are not new feature requests, just to fix what has been broken.



Hey everyone, Brandon here from Asana’s support team!

I’ll just tack on to what Alexis has mentioned and clarify that subtasks no longer register as a being part of a Project within your “My Tasks” and “Tags” section of Asana. We are definitely keeping track of requests from people who are asking about this feature so thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Also, @Carolina_Pascual, great catch! This was also another implemented change where Projects in your “My Tasks” are now sorted in alphabetical order.

Thanks again for the feedback everyone! I will bring this to our team.


Hi @Brandon_Huang,

Have you come up on this topic? Can we hope to return to the original functional?

Best Regards


We also really need subtasks to inherit the projects and tags of their parents.
We make extensive use of nested tasks, and it’s impossible to now use search results for them.
Converting subtasks to regular tasks, or adding subtasks to projects, defeats the purpose of using subtasks for organization in the first place. We’d just end up with hundreds of tasks jumbled together.
I’m just adding this reply because you indicated you’re keeping track of requests for this feature. I can’t for the life of me imagine why you changed this behaviour. Seems crazy to me.


@Liohn_Sherer you may want to vote on this product feedback thread: Feature request: show subtasks in lists


Way ahead of you :slight_smile:


Hi @Alexis I voted for the topics “Feature request: show subtasks in lists” but we still have nothing concrete on this subject. We are really embarrassed by this regression