Is there a way to only see Tasks only and not Sub-tasks in "My Tasks" view?

Is there a way to filter my “My Tasks” view to only show Tasks and not Sub-tasks? So that I only see Tasks and no Sub-tasks are shown?

Welcome @Eliza_C,
The quick answer is that no it’s not possible to filter out subtasks in “My Tasks”. But the workaround would be that if you are on a Premium or Business plan you can create an advance search to do exactly that. Let me know if I should show you the steps.

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Hi Paul, thanks for the reply :smile: We are upgrading this week, so yes that would be super helpful to know how to do! Appreciate your help :pray:

@Eliza_C I am really intrigued by your use case and I am wondering if it is not the result of using Asana is a way it was not designed to, which could be fine but it does not hurt to ask. If you assigned a subtask, it means it is a piece of work you expected to get done by the assignee, why would you hide subtasks from the My Tasks view?

Hi Bastien, thanks for your concern. It’s the preference for one person on my team as they would like to separate the levels of the Tasks and Subtasks in their “My Tasks” view - not have them all on the same level and occasionally look like duplicates.

For example, if in a campaign Project, the Section would be Graphics and the Task would be Brochures, and the sub-tasks would be all of the individual brochures to make. She would prefer to just see ‘Brochures’ and not have each individual one listed - seems like duplicate tasks in her “My Tasks” overview, especially when they are all on the same level. She would see ‘Brochures’ and ‘Support Brochure’ etc. all at the same time, on the same level, like ‘duplicates’. She would like to be able to open the Brochure Task to see the individual ones when she wants to, not have them all listed at once.

We’d like to keep all Brochures under one Task to keep them organized, not have a separate Section or even Project specifically for them to all be Tasks and not Sub-tasks. Unless you have a better idea for organizing them in one Project?

@Eliza_C Here is a step-by-step guide:

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@Paul_Grobler that tool is amazing!

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