Is it possible to filter by "Last Comment By"?

I just switch from JIRA to Asana. When I was using JIRA, I had a “Pending Client Response” Status, and I could see who the Last Commenter was on a ticket.

I had a filter view I called something like “Waiting on My Response.” It was configured to include all tickets that were in the “Pending Client Response” status, but the “Last Commenter” was one of the client users.

This way, if I can’t get to a response right away, I could check my “Waiting on My Response” list. It allowed me to keep track of communications for several different clients in one place.

right now, I can’t figure out how to do anything like this with Asana. I have to rely on clicking in and out of emails, or scrolling through tons of Asana “Inbox” items for updates – both of which have issues that make it a tedious process to sift through things and find the tickets that require action.

Is there any solution for this in Asana?


Welcome to the Asana Community Forum. Could you use custom fields & rules across multiple projects to replicate this?

Project 1:

  1. Houses the original task
  2. Has a rule that states if the custom field “Pending Client Response” is added, add this task to Project 2.

Project 2: (Houses all responses)

  1. Has a rule that changes the custom field to “Awaiting My Reply” if a comment is added to this task.
  2. Once this task has been replied to by you, you update the status back to “Pending Client Response”

This way all tasks that you are communicating with clients on will be in one project?

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Hi @Adam_Vatterott!

Adding to what @Christine_Bolton mentioned, you can learn more about how to setup Rules in this article:

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: