Add a custom field for last comment date on a task

Is there a way to add a custom date field to track when the last comment was made on a task, or the last status update? For example, if there is an assigned task with a due date specified, but the task is now past due - we do not want to remove the original due date. If we see that updates are being made on that task, it would be nice to have a field pull the last comment date to know when action was last taken instead of having to open the details and manually check each one.

Hi @Trish_Cantu, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! This is currently not possible within Asana so I’ve gone ahead and moved your thread to the #productfeedback category.

@Phil_Seeman do you know any workaround for this? maybe Flowsana? :slight_smile:

Hi @Trish_Cantu Asana tracks all updates to the task currently. Are you want something besides the indications on the task currently? Does it have to be in a field?

Furthering Richard’s reply, there is a native field called “Last Modified”, which shows the date (not the time of day) for the last change to a Task. This could be a comment, or any other change, such as a move from one section to another. You can access this as one of the columns in an export to a Google Sheet.

If you really do want to add a custom field, it’s possible, with these major caveats:

  1. Users have to be sure to update the custom field every time they comment. To me this seems like a dealbreaker - it’s hard enough to get the team to make substantive edits, but this is a duplicative edit and requires great discipline

  2. There is no way to enforce a particular format for the date. It has to be just a raw text field, so again, for it to be useable, you need great discipline in the org to always use a particular format (yyyy-mm-dd or mm dd, 'yy or ??)

With the highest tier of service, there might be a rules-based solution and it might require programming. Good luck!

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Yes I was wondering if there could be a column set in a project that pulled the last update made on a task, such a s a comment. I did see that I could view the last modified field when exporting, but what I was really looking for was a way to see last status updates at first glance.

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Not without a custom integration. Let me know if you want to look into that.

Nothing currently in Flowsana to accomplish this. Looks like you might be able to do it using Integromat.

One of the times harvest work on ASANA is to check last interactions (comments) on task.
I have a really simple solution:

  • to add in the task list a column “last comment date”
  • for every comment to add a read status (read/unread)
  • to permit to user to set read/unread for every comment

What do you think about it?

That would be a far-from-simple thing for Asana to implement! It would require them to create and store a new value for every user for every comment (“read” or “unread”); it’s certainly possible for them to do that but it would be a very non-trivial thing to add to their data model.

It’s simply a new field related to the comment!
Dear Phil, I developed web applications from 2000 to 2015… and today I continue to do something for pleasure: I’m really sure it’s too simple for a programmer and a software that wants to grow listen to its users :wink:

Hi everyone!

I’m happy to announce we are launching the new Metadata Fields! Going forward, you will be able to add the following fields to the project list view by toggling them on from the Customize Menu:

  • Created on
  • Created by
  • Completed on
  • Last modified on

This means you can now see the date last modification date for tasks in your project List view! :tada:

Thanks for all the feedback you shared about this feature! If you have any questions, please reach out via our #tips category!

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Hi there!

just a quick note to let you know Metadata fields are now supported on mobile both for projects and My Tasks. We hope you enjoy this latest addition and we look forward to hearing your feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

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