See Design Ticket Updates in List View

Is there a way to see the most recent comments in List view? (or a workaround)

I manage a design team and when we get close to show dates we will have a large stack of design requests. Traditionally the creative director has used a spreadsheet so they can see the status of everything at once.

I don’t want to double track items. But I need a way to see the current status that is more detailed than a custom filed selection.

Example: A ticket may be sent out for partner review. I do have a custom field to track that – which is great at a high level. But when we have not heard anything back for three days that is not detailed enough so I add notes like:

  • followed up with partner, no response
  • Jim approved but needs to show CEO
  • will give answer by tomorrow morning

I tried creating a custom text field and using a rule to add notes there to the comments, but the rules can’t see the custom field.

Hello @Charles_Cushman1,

the metafields don‘t help?

Especially the „last modified on“ since you wanted to be able to filter based on the last change.

How about setting up stages for these?
Follow up #1
Approval Required
Awaiting Answer

or similar

For the tasks awaiting approval you can also use the approval feature in Asana.

That is correct. Text fields don‘t work in rules yet.

Here is the relevant feedback request thread to upvote: Rules set Custom Fields with Text or Numbers

As another workaround you might wanna have a look at Flowsana.

Right now I do have the macro steps of the process as a custom field. But at times I have large amounts of design requests and as I audit them I like to write notes so I can keep track of the last time the ticket was reviewed.

A ticket is sent to an outside partner for review. They sit on the ticket for multiple days so I write follow-up notes every time we check in with them.

I want to be able to see those notes in list view. So when I meet with my boss I can instantly say “Followed Up with ABC last this morning” without clicking into a ticket.

Screenshot 2022-12-28 at 9.51.57 AM

I see. Do you have the custom field toggled on? See List View Redesign • Asana Product Guide
This means you directly see the notes entered in the custom field there.