Custom Field showing "Last Comment/Update" of a task would be invaluable

being able to show last comments in a column alongside a list of tasks WITHOUT having to open task details would be a game changer … i have a meeting with my boss to briefly run through tasks … having to drill into details is a bit of a pain.


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I totally understand that need. A little tip that you can implement already now. As you work and get relevant updates on the tasks (through comments), update the task title to give you a quick latest status for that task.


→ Task title before: Publish campaign
→ Task title incl. update: Publish campaign // awaiting input by comms

The part after the “//” is the latest status on the task. Like this, you have an overview of the status at a task-list level without needing to drill into the task comments.

It is key to update your task title as you get the updates so that you don’t have to do the review work before a meeting, and you have that information always ready when you quickly need it.

It is key to align with your team to have everyone understand (and ideally) use the convention. We’ve been using this system for years. It is as simple as effective.


Bonus tip:

If not doing this already, consider pinning critical comments in a task. Check in the article below :point_right: Pin Comments

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I’m switching from Jira and have this in Jira and it’s so helpful. Not being able to sort comments by most recent makes this even more needed.


My team has been using Asana since 2019, and I migrated them to ClickUp last year, due in very large part to having this feature (on the Free Tier, no less). I’m guessing that most of Asana’s existing customer base just aren’t asking for features like this, but I feel like most other PM software has it at this point.

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Is there any update on this as this is from 2022? I have this same request and, tbh, this is not a viable solution. Asana has a comments field but the proposed solution is to duplicate it into another field.

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Instead of a custom field, you can enable one of the 9 metafields in any List view by using the Hide button (next to Filter and Sort buttons along the top). From the ‘Hide’ button’s dropdown, you should find ‘Last modified on’ which hopefully sounds like what you are looking for…?

Alternatively, you could create a text field called ‘Notes’ which could be used to type a high level description of the task’s status, so that it is highly visible in the List or Board views.

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I still want this as well. You can’t even sort comments to have the most recent on top. :frowning:

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‘Last modified on’ is not the request. The request is for a field that shows the most recent comment in the task.
I agree that this would be very helpful, as opening every task to see the most recent update/comment takes too much time.
‘Last modified on’ is more helpful than nothing, but not very helpful when there are up to 100+ new updates daily, and every task needs to be opened to see what that update is.

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Where do you put the double forward slash?

Hey All. Is there a way to effectively take the most recent comment in a task and convert it to a Field?

I’ve illustrated what we’re wanting to do in this image attached.

Reasoning for this is: we want to go through a series of tasks, update the current status in the comments, but then we want to be able to see a list view of these same tasks with the most recent comment visible in the list view. This would save us time from having to dive into each specific task and see what the most recent comment is. In this case scenario, we have a hundred or so tasks pertaining to a project, so it would make life easier for our team to have a workflow that could see this info quicker.


We are almost there. There is already a “comment added” trigger, we are missing two things:

  • an action in rule to write in a Text field
  • and then the ability to use “Variables in Rules” and use said comment

My personal opinion: it should be ok in a few weeks, a lot is happening around rules these days.


Yes, I guess if we wait a bit this will be solved. A workaround is to pin comments. at least its more visible in the task detail pain (but not in the list view)

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Thanks @Bastien_Siebman - that would be great to see these features implemented for sure. Just generally allowing rules/automations to publish and control fields would be a step in the right direction. Example: when a task is updated, change a fields property.

did this ever get done?

Nope, you can’t see the last comment from list view.

Can’t wait for this to work!

Similar how to pass timestamp, has i see when we select date of any custom field its shows only dd-mm-yy, but we are looking including timestamp to pass.

How can we pass, custom field full timestamp and the same is need to show when sync with google as well
Please help with the same, as based on custom fields we are building reports

FYI we’ve added this information as part of the Variable Substitution capability in our Flowsana integration. Specifically, we’ve added these variables:

{task.LatestComment} - the text of the most recent comment made on the task

{task.LatestCommentTime} - the timestamp of when the most recent comment was made on the task

{task.LatestUpdate} - the text of the most recent update made on the task

{task.LatestUpdateTime} - the timestamp of when the most recent update was made on the task

Here’s an example of how you can use this in a rule: