Custom Field showing "Last Comment/Update" of a task would be invaluable

being able to show last comments in a column alongside a list of tasks WITHOUT having to open task details would be a game changer … i have a meeting with my boss to briefly run through tasks … having to drill into details is a bit of a pain.

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I totally understand that need. A little tip that you can implement already now. As you work and get relevant updates on the tasks (through comments), update the task title to give you a quick latest status for that task.


→ Task title before: Publish campaign
→ Task title incl. update: Publish campaign // awaiting input by comms

The part after the “//” is the latest status on the task. Like this, you have an overview of the status at a task-list level without needing to drill into the task comments.

It is key to update your task title as you get the updates so that you don’t have to do the review work before a meeting, and you have that information always ready when you quickly need it.

It is key to align with your team to have everyone understand (and ideally) use the convention. We’ve been using this system for years. It is as simple as effective.


Bonus tip:

If not doing this already, consider pinning critical comments in a task. Check in the article below :point_right: Pin Comments

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I’m switching from Jira and have this in Jira and it’s so helpful. Not being able to sort comments by most recent makes this even more needed.