Status Update published into a Field

Hey All. Is there a way to effectively take the most recent comment in a task and convert it to a Field?

I’ve illustrated what we’re wanting to do in this image attached.

Reasoning for this is: we want to go through a series of tasks, update the current status in the comments, but then we want to be able to see a list view of these same tasks with the most recent comment visible in the list view. This would save us time from having to dive into each specific task and see what the most recent comment is. In this case scenario, we have a hundred or so tasks pertaining to a project, so it would make life easier for our team to have a workflow that could see this info quicker.


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We are almost there. There is already a “comment added” trigger, we are missing two things:

  • an action in rule to write in a Text field
  • and then the ability to use “Variables in Rules” and use said comment

My personal opinion: it should be ok in a few weeks, a lot is happening around rules these days.


Yes, I guess if we wait a bit this will be solved. A workaround is to pin comments. at least its more visible in the task detail pain (but not in the list view)

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Thanks @Bastien_Siebman - that would be great to see these features implemented for sure. Just generally allowing rules/automations to publish and control fields would be a step in the right direction. Example: when a task is updated, change a fields property.

did this ever get done?

Nope, you can’t see the last comment from list view.

Can’t wait for this to work!