Can I bullet list task progress on unfinished Tasks?

I would love a way to quickly list (and see) the progress on a given task without having to use the comments section. My team and I use the comments section regularly for asking questions and giving updates. But it would be useful for all of us to see a dedicated section within a task where progress can be logged. I’d prefer not to use sub-tasks for this, as that adds unnecessary added “tasks” to a project. It would be great when looking at a task to be reminded of the steps and progress that have already been made to move a task forward, and for others to see where the task currently stands without having to read through the many comments.

Hi @Henry_Farnam1 , welcome to the forum :wave:

You can check this great idea by @lpb where you can create your own progress bar custom field and use it at the task level!

If this works for you, you can also import a collection of such custom fields for free, here:

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Hi @Henry_Farnam1,

You could also use one the following approaches to share important updates on task progress:

  1. Comment Pinning: This is the way our team updates progress on tasks: The assignee shares the task’s progress in comments and pins all comments with important updates. This allows you to focus solely on pinned comments and ignore everything else.

  2. Dedicated Comment: Another approach is to have one dedicated comment to reflect status updates. Simply use the “Pin to top” function and update (edit) the comment as necessary. The downside of this solution is that only the author of the comment can edit it.

  3. Status Section in description of the task: You can add a “Status” section to the task description and have all the updates there.

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Thank you all! Those are really great ideas. I do hope that Asana will one day create a dedicated section where you can list all of the mini-task progresses that you’ve made on the way to complete a task. In our industry there are often 20 steps to be taken to get a task to completion and if they are all added in as subtasks, then Asana gets unruly. But until that happens I think there’s some really good alternatives here. Thanks everyone!

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That’s a really useful tool. Doesn’t quite do for me what I need in this case, though, as I need to quickly peruse the list of updates on what’s been done to move a task toward completion. It’s often just reminding myself that yes, I already sent that email to get info, or no, I hadn’t yet done that bit of research I needed to move forward. But I do like that there’s a way to see how close a task is to completion with the progress bar.

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