Is it possible to create an anonymous Asana board?

Hi, I am trying to create a board for “areas of improvement” for my employees to utilize. I would like the submissions or tasks to be anonymously submitted for identity purposes. Is this possible?

I think it unlikely that they would not show up in the task system and other messages by who created. If that is the case, simply grab a gmail account that will be a guest and let people use it.

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You can also use a form (either an Asana Forms or a wufoo form) that would create a task inside the board.


Hi @Barnett_Williams1! Adding to what @Bastien_Siebman said, Asana Forms is currently a Business feature, find more information here. You can also use JotForm or Wufoo.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any questions :wink:

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Having some way to toggle on “Anonymity” for specific boards will help with a lot of use cases.
Forcing shared use of a “guest” account, or needing to use some sort of third-party form seems like a poor work-around for something that should be a relatively simple feature add.


Fully agree! @Strativepm @Asana_User Can you look into this?