iOS Workflow App + Apple Watch = Dictate Tasks to Asana


I setup a workflow (iOS app) that takes a text (speech on Apple Watch) input and passes it as the subject line in an email to It’s pretty straight forward and granted not that beneficial on the phone since I can 3D press the Asana app to do the same thing directly.

However, when I put the Workflow complication on my Apple Watch then it is a single press to dictate a task that goes right to the inbox.

Edit: Here is a screenshot of the workflow as I have it setup

iOS Workflow App - Select Reminders to push to Asana
Apple Watch app

That’s awesome, @Geoff_Manning. Sounds like a clever use of email to Asana. I’ve also heard of folks using IFTTT to set up similar flows with Alexa.

What tasks do you find yourself dictating most often from your Apple Watch?


Oh, a wide variety from home tasks to work, to long term goals. I’m trying to follow GTD so any and everything that pops into my head the requires more thought goes into my Asana inbox.

I tried first with IFTT but didn’t like it. Never had consistent results with it firing properly. Also, it leaves the iOS Reminder on the phone so now it’s in two places (iOS Reminder and Asana Inbox).


I’m trying to do the same thing. How did you get it going? Is it dictate text action? For some reason on my side it requires handoff and I gotta do it on the phone


Here is how I have mine setup, hope this helps!


Hi Geoff,

I would like to have workflow app create a task in asana from a recording on the iPhone.

I managed to do this by sending an email with the file as an attachment. But that can cause problems with big file sizes. So I am wondering if this works via the asana api?

Do you have experience calling the asana api with workflow?


Thanks for sharing this.


Very powerful and just works. Thanks for putting this together.


Thank you for this, Geoff.
The only thing not working in my workflow is the iOS Workflow App on my iPhone X will NOT send my included asana email address during the execution. It defaults to my main iCloud email address. I can select the asana email address but that ruins the automatic process.
Any thoughts on that?
Will H.


Thank you for posting this and it is so helpful. Since the new OS 12 release a few weeks ago, I am not able to use this anymore since Apple replaced Workflow with Shortcut. Can you please post if you have been able to make this work with Shortcut?


@Geoff_Manning Do you have any recommendations for a workaround for this with the shortcuts update?



I can’t seem to find the line saying ‘skip to watch dictation’ within the ‘ask for input’ box. Am I doing something wrong, or has there been an update to the shortcuts app?

what could be a workaround? without that setting if I run the shortcut from my watch it requires me to continue on my phone and click send manually from within the mail app that gets triggered (though that happens even when I run the shortcut from the phone, so that might be the issue).

Thank you for any help, it’s much appreciated!