iOS Workflow App - Select Reminders to push to Asana

My previous iOS Workflow script would allow for a dictation to an Asana task (via email):

This script will allow you to select from your iOS Reminders and those selected todo’s will be sent to Asana via email then removed from your iOS Reminders list.

I find this works well for the way I work, I am always adding tasks via Siri and I don’t want all of them in Asana. I also don’t like to remember to add certain tasks to certain reminders lists.

So now I can add any task I want to iOS Reminders, then when I run the workflow I choose which to send to Asana.

NOTE: The “remove reminders” is destructive. However, there is a confirmation to remove the processed reminders.


Thanks for sharing, @Geoff_Manning.

Out of curiosity, are there certain categories of types of tasks that you want in Asana vs. not? Do you have these set up as variables in the Workflow or do you pick and choose one by one?

I’d love to learn more about what types of reminders are better suited in Asana for you.


I have been using Todoist for personal task management. I find their filtering (saved searches) better for my workflow. Mostly due to the complexity of the searches I want (see here).

For work, I still find Asana to be the better option, the collaboration can’t be beat.

So if I brain dump tasks into Reminders (via Siri) then I can pick and choose which to send to Asana. I have a comparable workflow for Todoist.


Thanks for the quick follow up and detail. So anything that requires collaboration heads to Asana, and any individual tasks into Todoist?

It’s more of a Home vs Work delineation.


  • Work Goals
  • Work Projects
  • Work Single Action Tasks


  • Home Goals
  • Home Projects
  • Home Single Action Tasks
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Awesome, Geoff! I’m new to Workflows, so perhaps this is a user mistake… when I run this workflow it sends everything to Asana correctly, but it sends all of the tasks s a single subject / single task. So, if I have three reminders:

Eat broccoli
Pick up kids
Wash uniform

When the workflow runs, it sends it all in one email to Asana as:
“Eat broccoli Pick up kids Wash uniform”

In Asana, it all shows up as this single task; when I check the mail client, I can see it’s sending as a single email and not multiple emails (one for each task).

Any ideas?

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Hi Geoff I’m wondering if there’s a way to have things that I’ve added in Asana as ‘To-Do’ or ‘Reminders’ be pushed to my Apple Reminders on my phone? I find the notifications on the Asana app very disappointing and it doesn’t tell me the individual items that are due that day. It just says ‘4 things due’ and then I have to click into the app. I prefer how Reminders shows up on my lock screen to remind me lol. Thank you.


WAS THERE an answer to this? I would like to the same. Would like each day in Asana to push to my Rminders on my iPhone.?

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Sorry for the delay! I just checked the shortcuts app in iOS and it looks like the only action that can be performed in relation to Asana is “Create Task” in Asana. I don’t think it’s possible to get a list of tasks due today from Asana in order to create the iOS reminders.

thanks for replying. I thought as much

reviving this topic a few years later as i can’t seem to find a recent update…i’m trying to accomplish this…i use apple reminders and my client uses asana so i’m trying to push all of the things that involve her to asana to leverage the ability to collaborate more efficiently than through dreaded email chains!

I clicked the link to the apple script and then added that email address to it in the hopes it would send to my asana in box. I’m a little uncertain how this is supposed to work.

I’ve also tried copying the reminders task and then emailing directly to but nothing happens?

Hope others can chime in so i can streamline my workflow and not spend all my time on productivity apps!