Apple Watch app



Would love an Apple Watch app to quickly add/review tasks.


On a related note, see @Geoff_Manning’s post here:


I completely agree. There’s no apple watch nor mac today widget, two features that Todoist does very well.


Are there any plans for this?


Adding my voice to the others. Needs an Apple Watch app!


I agree. I would very appreciate an Apple Watch app. The most task manager like todois or things or … has one Apple Watch app.


Bringing this back to the top! Is this on the roadmap @Marie? This would be so helpful and is one of the things I miss from using Things 3. :slight_smile:


HI @Alex_Neff and thanks for the mention :wave:t3: Unfortunately, I don’t have any update to share at the moment, but I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I do!


I am also the one who is wating for asana Apple Watch app.
Even only [today’s task] on a watch face will work for me.
Because asana don’t have a native mac app, now iPhone is the only the device where I may get a notification.
Apple Watch face is very good at notifying without giving a stress to people :slightly_smiling_face:
I would love to hear the good news from you in the near future @Marie !


An Apple Watch app would be great for:

  • Searching & viewing tasks
  • Adding a task
  • Interacting with Conversations


Plus 1 - Apple watch app please!


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Please add the apple watch integration, I am looking at transitioning my team from Asana because we want the apple watch integration.


I would love an Apple Watch app as well, especially if it fed into the Siri watchface. I use that to keep track of my day in real time and not having visibility into my Asana tasks places a limit on the usefulness of that endeavor. Thanks!


I would like an apple watch app too.


I would love to get Asana on the Apple Watch too! :wink:


I would also like to see an Apple Watch app.


Just got myself an Apple Watch and Asana is the only service I feel it is missing. I would love a dedicated Asana Apple Watch app.


Todoist, folks, has this, and Alexa integration.

An Apple Watch app should be kept simple – like Evernote does it.

  1. Add a new task via dictation
  2. See Today’s tasks across all projects by opening a complication for the watch face.

Or, integrate with the IOS reminders feature if that is easier.

Asana way behind the competition here…



Would love an Apple Watch app to quickly add/review tasks!!!