Introducing the first Asana (micro) incubator



Hi Community,

Today I am launching the first Asana (micro) incubator. You can find all the details in the following post:

It is basically opened to any developer who wishes to build a service around Asana and its API. I will offer her/him my entire codebase to work with API + $100/month in online services + advices from me and the advisors.

Contact me by email or by PM if you want more information or wish to apply!

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Great great great. Bigger asana ecosystem = more knowledge and motivation = more projects = bigger impact in the way we work!

Thanks guys! In case you need any help feel free to ask.


If anyone knows a motivated developer, I have an idea for a service to work on that would be helpful to lot of people!


A potential incubee is posting about his idea: Get help from an Artificial Intelligence to manage your projects/tasks
if you guys can have a look and comment that would be great :+1: