Asana + EOS, let's talk

At iDO (Asana Solutions Partner) we are working on implementing EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System).

I’d like to create a group of others doing EOS + Asana so we can exchange ideas and help each other.

Who’s in?


I’m in!

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Can you share your email address in a private message?

I’m VERY in! We’ve been using Asana to run EOS for a couple of years now.

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Awesome, waiting for your email address as a DM then :slight_smile:

Are you still putting this together? I’m interested in joining if so.

We are running the community in an Asana project. it is pretty slow, but we have some interesting content now! DM me your email address so I can invite you :slight_smile:

How can i get added? I’d love to see how others are doing this.

Anyone looking to join can DM me their email address so I can add them to the Asana project we use to run the Community!

We are not developing anything, we are simply putting like-minded individual in the same Asana project to discuss :slight_smile: inviting you!

Sent you a DM @Bastien_Siebman

As to join the discussion…

I currently run a remote ecommerce business. Would love to see how everyone implements EOS into Asana.

Currently we’re using Ninety to run EOS and all specific tasks and task details inside Asana.

For obvious reasons, Ninety isn’t as detailed as Asana and we’re already using Asana prior to implementing Ninety.

It’s difficult to run both systems and lots of overlap/redundant actions.

I’m really interested to see how Asana can be set up with Ninety given that there’s MANY projects, tasks, and teams working together.

Thanks all!

Welcome Keith. The group is now made of 25 members and counting :slight_smile:

Hello! My team is currently implementing EOS and has been working on Asana for years. I would love to join as well! Please DM me.

Hello all,
Glad to have found this group. Would I be able to join?

Yes just share your email address with me in a private message

Our community is now 29 members strong! And I just finished running our first poll → if EOS was an emoji, what would it be? You know my love for emojis :slight_smile:

Here are the mentioned emojis:

The community members provided explanation for each choice :slight_smile:

Hi Bastien! I was wondering if I could join? We’re a small team and I’m looking at ways to combine Asana and EOS! My email is

@Bastien_Siebman I’d like to join the ASANA EOS group.

Would love to join and learn how folks are tackling this!

Would love to join this and learn about how folks are approaching this!