Asana + EOS, let's talk

Would love to join the Asana - EOS group!

Isaac and Stacy you have been invited! For everyone else, make sure to share your email address privately with me :slight_smile:

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Hi Bastien, I’d like to join the group as well! Not sure how to message you privately though on this forum…

Hey @Bastien_Siebman , I’m a huge proponent of both Asana + EOS and am looking to merge the two for my company. Would love to join your forum

Interested in this for sure! @Bastien_Siebman Is there a way to DM here?

You have all been contacted privately!

I’d love to join, too! I didn’t see a way to DM.

I’m in!

Hi Bastien, very keen to be added to your board. Using Asana and implementing EOS here at our company too.

Is it possible for me to join?
We’re just starting EOS, and Ninety isn’t our favorite workspace. We just can’t run away from Asana, but we’re not sure how to run the meetings there.

:rotating_light: Anyone can join, simply send me your email address in a private message (click my picture > Message, or email me at

Thanks :slight_smile:

We aren’t fully EOS, but are implementing lots of the key pieces and are currently managing L10 meetings in Asana, and figuring out the right way to track goals/milestones, etc. in here too. Would LOVE to join the group and learn from others, so I can share the tips/tricks/lessons with my leadership team for us to implement into our own system! I’ll send you a quick email to get connected. :slight_smile:

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