Inquiry Regarding ASANA Implementation


I posted a query almost 2 weeks ago through a request but haven’t received a response, so I’m writing here. We are a small company planning to introduce ASANA. Our employees use two different domains, and from what I’ve seen in ASANA, the domain of the email seems to play a significant role. Even though the domains are separate, is it possible to use them as if they were a single domain?

Also, we intend to make payments from just one of the domains. Is that possible? For example, if we combine the two domains and have a total of 20 users, can we just pay for the 20 users under one domain?

Thank you.


Sorry your last request was somehow missed.

The answer to both of your questions is yes, I believe. See this for more info and how your Asana Admin or Super Admin can do it in the Admin Console using Associated email domains:

If you have any questions, please contact:




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