How to use Asana on EOS

Anyone running their business on EOS here? There are a couple EOS specific software options but they aren’t as user-friendly or flexible as Asana which we love. I am wondering if anyone has figured out a way to implement some of the EOS tools in Asana


I’m also interested in this!
Did you find any solutions so far @Eleanor?

Unfortunately, I have not. I definitely think it would be doable but I’m curious to see what it would look like as my organization is currently only on the free version of Asana and upgrading to premium or Business may make it more able to function as some of the EOS software out there does. Have you tried either ninety or traction tools? They aren’t as user-friendly or flexible as Asana, I don’t think which is why I hoped to find people who have maybe emulated some of the features.

We are also adopting EOS and are pretty well married to Asana. Would like to find a solution that doesn’t involve Zapier.

Just curious if anyone found a good template to using EOS in Asana. Thanks!

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Following. An EOS template would be great

We are an EOS company and very much married to Asana. We have also tried Traction Tools which I do NOT like. So I have created Meeting agenda templates and I utilize custom fields and rules. The L-10 is it’s own “team” and under that there is always an issues board and a follow-up to do list. Then within each agenda (which I have saved as template) there is the ability to turn an issue into a “to-do” using a drop down in a custom field and a rule, or move to the issues board under a short-term or long-term section heading…these are just some examples.
I have a “team” for company wide EOS which has the VTO and an issues board (we are utilizing quarterly IDS sessions as a way to keep on top of issues that are not resolvable in other L-10s) and a project for rocks.
I have a leadership “team” and under that projects for quarterly rocks etc.
It is so much better to centralize the EOS management where all the other work is done. I was super frustrated with using Traction Tools because it does not integrate with the rest of our systems.


Any resources available for how to set up EOS using the new Asana Goals?

Following! My org is in the process of rolling out EOS and we could definitely use any tips and tricks for using premium features, specifically goals, to emulate the VTO.

Hi Tara! Thank you for sharing this info! Would be able to provide any screenshots of the structure and templates you are using?


@Tara_Mele I would be interested in learning how you are using Asana while functioning as an EOS company. We recently implemented EOS and want to learn best practices with Asana that may help with collaboration between our teams. We are in the trial stage of which is a competitor of Traction Tools. Let me know if you have time to schedule a call to discuss this. Thank you

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@Sharon_Tuttle I am happy to chat and share with you how I have been using Asana with EOS. feel free to email me at

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@Tara_Mele, any way you could share with me? I am looking to add EOS / L10 to my team however I don’t want to leave ASANA since it is our core right now. Appreciate it!

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We are just starting our EOS journey and are definitely married to Asana. Trying to figure out the best way to integrate EOS into our Asana set up. Would you be willing to share any templates, screenshots or example. Any help would be appreciated.

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Ditto to everyone else’s request for a tour of your Asana traction tips! Hate to ask again, but do u have any screenshots or notes you could share?

Late to this thread but wanted to add that while I love Asana, but it’s not really intuitive for running EOS. I prefer - It’s built to support the concepts of Traction, plus there are some extra features that make team collaboration super easy.

Hi @Asha wondering how your implementation of EOS in Asana has gone?

It is going slowly. Any tips, tricks or templates on how to integrate EOS and Asana?


I was hoping you’d be the expert with the tips and tricks!

We’re trying to design a project around L10 workspace, but it’s not perfect. Also no luck finding any EOS coaches/implementors with experience using Asana.