How to use Asana on EOS

Hi Ben (and everyone)! We’re a nonprofit so we have to pivot EOS a bit, but here are some of the ways we use asana and EOS together - specifically the L10 meeting agenda for all 1:1s and team meetings and a general rocks review project per quarter. The rocks review project in particular has been really helpful in creating team cohesion and everyone understanding how their rocks roll up in to the org’s larger goals.


Thanks for sharing @Madeleine_Odendahl, it looks like you specifically broke out Rocks into a project vs. keeping in a section for the entire leadership team. Are you doing the same with Issues/To-Dos or do your leadership/department L10 meetings look more like the 1:1 meeting template you shared with everything there?

We are setting up traction in Asana and are struggling a bit with the set up and with traction in general - what are company goals, vs 1 year goals, vs company rocks, vs individual. We feel like we need another layer! We are meeting with an implementer in June to help us on our journey. We have it like this in Asana:

The director in charge of the goal then created their own project in their own area and use tags to tie it back to the main VTO

We for sure have more to dos than we are supposed to have. Also, I am sure we will reassess how we set this up over time.

Hope this helps!



How did it go with the implementer? I am working on a template today for a client to use EOS and shamelessly thought I’d check here first

Implementer not familiar with Asana so he really didn’t understand how we were using it. We are still on the struggle bus with EOS. Could be because we are only a staff of 15 so our Directors also are doing tasks so we have a hard time figuring out how to deal with all the tasks that are already in asana vs our EOS rocks.

It works fine in terms of setting up the L10 but it is hard to know what to bring into the meeting as rocks. What is at the dept level L10 vs the organizational L10? We feel we are spending too much time dealing with dept level issues vs association issues.



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Sounds frustrating.

May I play devil’s advocate and suggest that they are all rocks and need to be prioritized? Sounds like the implementer needs to work with the team to integrate current projects into the 1 year plan.

I have had my clients on Monday and thinking of moving to Asana, good to know that it works well for the L10 meetings.

Yes I don’t disagree. It’s just the difference between working in the business and on the business and we are trying to focus more on the on business items. We used vtos for each of the departments and then tag the items with an L 10 tag if we want to bring it into the L 10 meeting. The problem is we just have too many things coming into the L 10 that we’re not able to really focus on the big picture items.


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HI all!

we are also in the process of implementing EOS and i really like but would love to stick to asana since its being used heavily for internal projects etc…

I feel like there is lots of work to do, to properly flow all to do’s and rocks and issues in the L10 meetings… also no scorecards and proper VTOs or accountability charts, …

i am really trying to make asana work but i see that its going to be a struggle so any updates or advise would appreciate it.

thank you!

How has the L10s gone since you posted this? Curious how you’re managing keeping the L10s to the quarterly rocks.

We are still struggling. We have started our dept L10 and are trying to move the more individual rocks vs the company rocks down to those meetings. We have started a Director meeting on the opposite week of the L10 to cover all the in the business items that still need to be talked about to keep everyone on track regarding what is coming up due for our annual meeting for example and what needs to get done for each dept. We feel we created too many what got called company rocks when we set them so in our next meeting we are going to try to be better about what is company and what is individual. We need to hire 3 new staff people and until we do that, we really have to focus a lot of our effort in the business.

I wish I knew more groups that were associations using Asana and Traction so we could figure this out. I think it is tough when you have a small staff vs a bigger employer where tasks are more spread out!


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Oh wow - I love this. Would you mind showing me how you set up the 1 year plan section? I see you have a column for VTE Goal ID. I am assuming these ladder up to the goals in that section.

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Can you show more screenshots/ explain about how you have set up the project board to make that connection?

We are still struggling with using ASANA but here is the 1 year plan for last year

Thank you Shirley! So they are all set up as milestones it looks like. And then are these associated with a VTI Goals ID that each rock is labeled with?

We use tagging

Hi @Kalmen_Unger1 how did you get on? Did you bin Asana in favour of Ninety and if so how do you link the todo’s back into Asana as that is the current sued tool in the org.
Thanks Andrew