Asana Academy Launch!

Hi Everyone!

I’m excited to announce the official launch of Asana Academy! The idea of a centralized training platform has been on our roadmap for some time now, and after countless tasks and projects, we’re finally ready to open up this free platform to our customers!

Asana Academy was created to help users learn the best way to use Asana with step-by-step instructions. The courses include video lessons, exercises, and quizzes. Courses range from getting started with Asana to mastering specific workflows for your team. Sign up and take a course today!

Asana Academy:
Blog post: Now Enrolling: Asana Academy

Let us know what you think!


Congratulations and well done! This will be a great resource for onboarding.


Congratulations @Kristen and team! I’m excited for the many ways that Asana Academy will be able to help our Community members. This is going to be a fabulous resource for every stage of a user’s Asana journey!

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Thanx @Kristen. I will spend some time in academy on weekend :slight_smile:

Great idea for onboarding our colleagues. Till now I spent time with workshops :stuck_out_tongue:


:+1: FANTASTIC! A great resource. I completed my first module today. Love it!


The topic coverage is really vast and all very well done; again, well done!

Minor thing: I believe the wrong videos are present on these two pages:

They’re supposed to be about “Overview of cleaning your Asana space” and the “Conclusion” of that, but instead they’re copies of videos from the Google Sheets/Integration unit, it seems.



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Thanks for letting us know!

Congrats Kristen,

Looks fantastic what I have seen so far!

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This is great news! I’ve been looking for something to train my teammates on how to better use Asana. One question though - after we complete some of the courses, is there a certificate or proof of training that can be provided? I’m just looking for some way to track other employees progress and keep for training records. Thanks very much!

Hi Rick! Yes, each time you complete a course, you’ll be awarded a certificate. You can find your certificates by clicking your profile picture in the top right corner (of Asana Academy), selecting “My Profile” and clicking the “View Certificate” link next to the course name. Enjoy :slight_smile:


Will that certificate be available to post on my LinkedIn Profile? @Kristen


Are these new or am I just late to the party? This is so awesome! We’ll absolutely be using these for employee onboarding. They’re probably much better than the “course” I made as a Project in Asana :wink:

Great stuff you guys! Keep adding more courses! :slight_smile:


Never to late to the Party @Sam_Leahey, Yes they are great set of courses. Even thought I have been using Asana for a while now it is good to do a refresher and to have the memory banks jogged with new ways of doing things and better ways.



This is a big help. Nicely done team @asana