Get ready to learn at Asana’s first-ever Learn-a-thon! ✏️ September 22nd at 10:00 AM PT (1:00 PM ET)

On Wednesday, September 22nd we’ll be hosting the first-ever Asana Together Learn-a-thon! In a day full of learning, you’ll take workshops that apply directly to your current work and network with other Asana fans. You’ll collaborate live, ask questions, and learn directly from our highly knowledgeable teachers. And of course, have fun!

The best part? You may have seen our teachers in the community already! That’s right: four Asana Certified Pros will be leading their carefully crafted sessions just for you. Learn more about the sessions:

  • @louisehenry hosts "7 Steps to Making Asana Stick " – Learn how to transition your business and personal tasks into Asana and how to organize them for success from Day 1.
  • @lpb hosts "Tackle (Almost) Anything in Asana: Step by Step " – Tired of getting lost or running into dead ends when you build something new in Asana? Learn a recipe of easy-to-follow steps to design and implement any new workflow or process in Asana.
  • @Steve-Anderson hosts "The top 5 mistakes teams make when rolling out Asana - and how to avoid them " – You know Asana can help your team collaborate better - but what’s the best way to set everyone up for success? Learn time-tested steps for what to do - and what NOT to do - when rolling out Asana for your team.
  • @Stephen_Colwell hosts "Accelerate Your Team’s Progress by Using Agile Principles in Asana " – In this advanced workshop, you’ll learn how to implement agile principles to reduce stress, eliminate waste, and cultivate sustainable work management practices.

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, September 22nd at 10:00 AM PT (1:00 PM ET) and get ready to learn and network!

RSVP on the official Learn-a-thon registration page


Hi Emily_Roman,

Thanks for the invitation for Learn-a-thon. One quick question, Is this event only for asana together members or normal asana users can participate?


Samson Koshy

@Samson_Koshy, It’s most definitely open to anyone to attend, ask questions, and visit the networking tables! It’s fine to invite anyone using Asana.



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Is there a recording available, as I was not able to attend all of the sessions?

@Emily_Roman Hi Emily, I have received the recording but there is no link to the resources @Steve-Anderson mentioned. Can these be added?

This was a multi-hour whirlwind! It was a really large, engaged audience, and many great questions and active networking table sessions.

All impeccably run by the Asana Together team who are so great to work with–thank you!

My understanding is the videos will perhaps be available as early as today to registrants, and I imagine more widely but I’ll leave that to those who know more.

Thanks to everyone who attended and thanks for the opportunity!


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