Go Pro with Asana Business

Hi and welcome everyone :wave:t3:

Congratulations on completing our “Go Pro with Asana Business” workshop and mastering Business features :trophy: We hope you enjoyed the workshop!

We have created this space for you to ask questions following the workshop you have just attended, to connect with people you met during this event, and to continue the discussion online. This space is yours, so while we’re here to answer your questions, feel free to make it your own!

If you’d like to register for more Asana Together workshops or recommend some to your team, check out our Event page. You can use the search bar to find future workshops coming near you and register for them!

Looking forward to hearing all the exciting stuff you’ve learned and to see you connect with each other! :heart:

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Hi folks :wave:t3:

Hope you’re all keeping well! Our virtual Asana Together World Tour continues and our next stops for the Go pro with Asana Business workshop are in London and New-Yor City! As a reminder, these events are virtual, so feel free to join even if you’re not directly based in London or New-Yor City! All details below:

:us: New-York City
May 20th @ 10am EDT with @TimTieu and @Sam_Sorkin
More info and registration links :point_right: https://asa.na/6yq

:uk: London
May 21st @ 2pm BST (in English with @Niamh and @Francesca)
More info and registration links :point_right: https://asa.na/6wv

Hope to see you there!

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Hi @Marie I attended this webinar on 15th may melbourne australian time and I got the workshop recording after I attended it. when I try to access the webinar it is password protected. May I know what is the password ?

Hi @Akeel_Wani and thanks for the heads up! Let me check in with Tim who managed this event, I’ll be in touch as soon as I have an update!

Thanks for your patience @Akeel_Wani. This password should have now been removed, so you should be all set! But please let me know if there is anything I can help with!