Introducing Smart Rules ✨

Hi everyone,

As part of our new suite of intelligent tools for the CIO, we are introducing Smart Rules!

Manual workflows are time consuming and create inefficiencies for teams and departments, but it can be challenging to figure out the best way to automate manual processes.

With Smart Rules, you can build automated workflows and rules with simple, natural language instructions, optimized over time to match specific goals and best practices.

Using smart rules:

  1. From the rule builder, select create a custom rule
  2. Select create rule with Asana Intelligence
  3. Write what you would like to automate or select one of the suggestions
  4. Click Create and let AI build your automated workflow
  5. Once the preview is available, you can choose to Discard, Add or Edit before publishing the rule

Please note this feature is available for customers on legacy plans such as Business, and legacy Enterprise as well as our new Advanced, Enterprise and Enterprise+ plans. Learn more about this feature in our help center article.

We hope you are excited to try this new feature! Let us know your thoughts and feedback in the comments below!

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This is great, however most of my workflows have to do with managing workloads which involve moving tasks from one section to another based on relative dates. Is this a feature that is being considered anytime soon?

Hi, I would really appreciate if you can add , template workflow . So we can be inspired by different workflow application. Maybe you can create a library of template where every users can add his own workflow .

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Thanks for your feedback @Jeanine_Scott2! We recently launched Relative due dates in custom project templates and we hope to make this option also supported in other features in the future!

Great idea @Michael_Liberato! You can currently achieve something similar with Bundles. We don’t have immediate plans to create templates for automations but we’ll post an update in the forum if we have any updates.

Please feel free to create threads in our Product Feedback category so other can upvote for this requests too!

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