Introducing Portfolios: The mission control center for everything you need to track in your business

I agree. We are very disappointed that Dashboards have been removed. Please consider offering Portfolio’s for Premium users if you insist of decommissioning Dashboards. As a small NGO that uses Asana for HR processes for it’s many volunteers, we chosen Asana due to the dashboard feature. To have this taken away 2 months into our premium subscription is very frustrating. We can’t pay more and after going to all the work to set up Asana with our processes are now hamstrung.
Please help.


IMNSHO, that was a bad decision, Asana folks. Alienating your existing customer base, losing their trust … I’m wondering what made you go this route.

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They took this route a year ago, when they suddenly decided to change their pricing model. It’s irritating that they now are travelling the world speaking about business morality.

Why don’t you just retain dashboards for premium users and offer portfolios for business users.
Problem solved.


Anyone get any updates from support on this? Are they just doing damage control in hopes the frustrated folks on here eventually tire out? Additionally, if anyone has any smart workarounds or app integration that could fill that interim role please post!

As someone thats been a big brand evangelist and has even walked through setting Asana up for a few companies, the lack of support on this besides a 1 month free trial has been frustrating to say the least…

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@Evan_Pappas and @Brandi_H, For another workaround/alternative that’s free, see:

Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro consultant at Trilogi

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Agreed. We were a bit frustrated when the change was made, but having the portfolios feature is a helpful birdseye for myself as the project manager and for my boss who is the director. Also helps me team understand why providing status updates in the platform is important and how to better document out specific tasks and work they are doing. I wish the company would have handled the transition better. I submitted a ticket to their sales team initially and I got a bot response to my request that looked like it was using machine learning to pick out key terms in my inquiry. I was less than thrilled with that, but understand completely. I was offered 15% discount to the pro-rated cost, but when I went to pay there was no opportunity to enter the code for the discount.

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Does the business plan work across workspaces within an organization? We are testing this out today, and it does not seem like it does. I’ll be submitting a support ticket since I can’t seem to find that information.

Hi @Ashley_Stauffer,

Like all our other plans (premium/enterprise), the Business plan covers 1 Organisation; so if you are thinking to get it for multiple Organisations, you would need to purchase one plan for each of your Organisation.

Hope this helps! Let me know of you have any follow-up questions!

Hi @Marie - I want to use within different workspaces within one organization. Is this how workspaces function, or no?

Thanks for the quick follow-up @Ashley_Stauffer! Workspaces and Organisations are two different type of space; you can learn more about it in the following article. from what I’m gathering, it sounds like you would need to use an Organization and create multiple teams within this Org! If you have any follow-up questions, please let me know, I’m happy to assist you further!

Tossing my name on this huge pile of dissatisfied users, who I’m sure don’t measure up to the increased revenue from overcharging bigger, less efficient enterprises in Asana’s 2019 revenue model.

But yeah. Hundreds and hundreds of the most loyal Asana users, here in the forums, pissed.

Count me amongst 'em. And we’re leaving Asana after like 6 years together. ActiveCollab,, Teamwork, Clickup… plenty of fish in this sea.


I’m a relatively new user so I’m not at all familiar with the dashboard functionality myself.

Portfolio does sound like a brilliant feature, but it really shouldn’t have come at the cost of an existing feature if there is such a discernible difference between the two. I do understand where this came from in terms of a business decision, it just feels a bit anti-consumer the way it stands now. Whether that’s a communication thing or just the way things have ended up it’s hard to say.

I appreciate that this thread has been left open despite the feedback, hopefully we can work together as a community to figure out a solution that works both for the long standing premium users and also the Asana team.

My take is that while Asana has every right to charge this much for the portfolio feature (developing this stuff takes absurd amounts of money), there should at least be something reminiscent of the dashboard feature (a portfolio lite if you will) for those users who will not or cannot make the move to the highest pricing tier. Take my view with a grain of salt though.


They don’t care at all about our complaints. They didn’t replied to to anyone. It will cost me a lot of money. But I will move as soon as possible to a different solution. It’s not a matter of money, but a matter of honesty and trust.


Well I’m quite astounded by this decision from Asana! One of the most ill thought out I have seen from a company for many a long year. Obviously completely forgotten the old saying about how long it takes to build trust versus losing it…

I’m only in the small business area but was just about to recommend a premium version to another very small company I’m helping out and obviously the boss needs an overview.

So compared with 10 people on a Premium version they now have to consider paying an extra $1200 a year for one person to get a slightly improved overview?

NOT Going to happen…

It did occur to me that maybe they’re already losing customers so the idea is to get as much out of them as possible before they all go :slight_smile:


I second this Crystal, we just made the decision to upgrade… this blows!

This is the same thing that happened to Polio and that product tanked. Sadly. nonprofits will be walking away and small startups!

Following up with support gets a 25% discount to Asana Business for 1 year. Unfortunately if it is not a bigger discount, lifetime upgrade, or the ability to upgrade 1 user, then Asana for Business is simply not in the cards. From support conversations it seems like that’s the case , and the state of this thread and others shows that its more the goal of making these small/medium sized businesses “fade away” rather than help grandparent them into the new tools.

I suggest people here look into 3rd party reporting options that can fill that gap in their workflow, or look for alternatives that offer the same functionality at much less of the cost… others here have linked Asana2Go and other tools. Best of luck!


Hi @Evan_Pappas ,

I’m glad to hear you were able to get in contact with our support team and I’m sorry you’re still frustrated with the price of Asana Business.

In certain instances our sales and support teams are able to offer discounts for users on a case by case basis to help make the transition to Business easier for teams; however we do not have any widely available discounts for Asana. If you are interested in learning more about Asana or have any questions, please reach out to

The SaaS business model should be the following: you pay a monthly fee, you don’t own your data, BUT the provider guarantees you trust and continuous improvements to the product. That’s where you money should go: you pay a virtually unlimited amount of money to have periodical new features and fixes.
Asana is doing the opposite.