Introducing our new Spreadsheet-Inspired List View!

I’ll spare you my opinion on the update which appears the be the same as everyone else however my question is why are you no longer able to enter notes for a header?

Are we able to opt-out of this? I don’t remember opting in but our staff are finding the new List View frustrating. The Details pane used to open automatically when creating a new task, and now it doesn’t. So there’s extra clicks involved, and we’re finding orphaned tasks being half created then lost. For example, if you add a due date, the new task jumps from the bottom of the list (where it had no due date) up to wherever that new due date falls in the list, and you need to hunt or search to find it again to finish filling out other details.


more friction:

In list view if i select a task with the arrow key (its highlighted) and then press TAB-T to add a tag, i cannot then add a tag! The tag field is selected but i cant enter any tags. I have to subsequently hit ENTER to get into the tag field (one extra action than should be required), then I enter the tags.

At this stage i cant hit ENTER to confirm this and get out of this field. I am now stuck in this field unless i click out of the field with my mouse, and then when i click out of the field and on to the highlighted task or another task, the side panel opens! So then i have to close it.

This is feeling a bit crazy - lots of extra actions required to do a simple thing of adding a tag to a task in a list.

What i would expect is: select task, hit TAB-T, add tag, move on. That’s 3 actions to achieve the outcome of adding a tag to a task. In comparison, with list view its 6 actions, twice as many as it should be.


Hi @Micah_Noble, We’re currently updating Sections in the List view, the new Sections will behave just like column in Boards, which explains why you can’t add metadata to them! More info in this article from our Guide: Switching Between List & Board View • Asana

@Paul_Cunningham, please have a look to this other post in which I explain why there is no option to opt out from this update: Introducing our new Spreadsheet-Inspired List View! - #82

Now the view to differ between tasks and sections is very hard. Before the sections are bolder and the black line under the section was very important to focus the view. Please bring it back very fast. In long list views i am now lost and do not have a overview anymore. This is very very bad and hard. DId you not recognice this through your a/b tests and your UX designers? You at Asana are working with yout own product, did your team not recognize this? I can not understand this.


ok, i have to differentiate: with safari and chrome the sections are much bolder. the problem seems to exist only in firefox. can you please fix it here. And the black line under the sections will be nevertheless better to bring back


Trust me, it’s not and gets irritating very quickly IMHO

@Marie as requested earlier, please can you guys make this new List View optional I really don’t want to have to abandon Asana and really want to keep hold of the current view. In an attempt to explain (again) the .gif attached is from an Asana email earlier today entitled “Introducing the new List View” which is trying to highlight the benefits of the new view, but for me it perfectly highlights one of the biggest negatives! In the current view the human eye can immediately process all info about a particular task without trying, subconsciously even, because that info is grouped and close to each task. But with the new view you have to go out of your way to look along the lines to see which info relates to which task. I can’t tell you how annoying this is becoming now and it’s only been a few days. And it’s getting worse not better!!!

Please make the new List View optional.



One thing I notice I like lots about the new update: With some of my direct reports I have a “Weekly Goals” project which I always want to view in “All tasks” mode. In the past, I had to change this setting every time I looked at the project. Now it just stays the right way every time.

This is an excellent observation! I was playing around this and I notice some inconsistent behavior. For example, if you do Tab-T + tag name + Enter, you can then escape the Tag field by doing Left + Left. But if you hit Esc after the Enter, I think there’s no possible way to escape the Tag field using the keyboard alone.

@Marie, I’m pretty sure this is buggy, unintended behavior. Do you need one of us to write a bug report, or can you take this from here?

Beyond that, I agree with Clayton that there’s no reason we should have to press Enter after Tag-T or Tag-P or Tag-D to start typing.

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Hi @Phil2,

I do appreciate your feedback and will include it to the weekly report I’m sending to our PMs. I’m afraid we’re not able to make this view optional (you can read more on this topic in this post), but we’re actively working on feedback and have already actioned some of them (ex: ability to resize columns). If you haven’t yet, I’d highly recommend you to add your vote to Add space to left and right of list view to reduce eye tracking issues on large monitors

Hi @Katriel_Friedman,

I’ve already escalated a task to the Team when @Clayton_Chipper raised this issue earlier on, and our team has confirmed that they’re aware of the extra step (=clicking Enter) to access the Tag field. It is on their radar, although it hasn’t been prioritised yet!

I’m double-checking to see if there is an alternative to exit to tag field and will keep you posted on this topic.

Thanks for your help and willingness to help us improve shortcuts in Asana, really appreciate it!


The new design with boxes/columns for “assignee” and “date” is less easy to use. I feel what I am looking at is visually cluttered!


I’m really disappointed in this new view. It looks so clunky and has only made tracking my projects harder. Also every time I add a new task under a section now, it pops up under some other section.


I have to say I like the new list view, but I definitely agree that there are clear benefits to the old view, and it’s a shame they are lost now. They really should have figured out a way to opt for either view.


@Katriel_Friedman and @Clayton_Chipper,

Our team just got back to me with some updates which I’ve successfully tested on my end. Here is how I access the Tag field, add a tag to the task and move to the next/previous field only with shortcuts:

Tab + T > Tag Name > Enter > Left or right arrow to move to previous/next field

Let me know if that works for you!

It is extremely frustrating to have to click on the text box all the way on the left to edit or delete a task. This really slows down my workflow.

Previously, we could click anywhere in the row to start editing it. Please give this functionality back to us!


I realize it’s a minority opinion in this thread, but I do want to speak up and say I myself am beyond thrilled with the spreadsheet style list. It is giving me greater visibility of and control over my data, including custom fields. For the first time ever I was able to create a “Global Project Guide” of or 20 or so major projects - where each project is represented by 1 task - and use custom fields with dropdowns to create an easy-to-use record of who is assigned to what program. I can also easily reorder the tasks in the list to stay updated as to the priority order of what we’re working on. This is a more detailed, useable high level view of my organization’s workload than I have ever been able to achieve in Asana.


Hi @Marie thanks for following up on this but no this doesnt work for me. I have logged out and back in just in case.

If i dont have the side panel open, its the same issue as before, i have to hit ENTER after TAB-T.

If the side panel is open, then i can hit TAB-T to add a tag but then if i click ENTER and the arrow keys, Asana tries to select other TAGS.

i am just trying to go through my list quickly to add tags and change dates. i dont need the side panel to be open. This new list view is causing a lot of friction and extra steps required to achieve an outcome which i think is the opposite of what Asana is trying to achieve. I hope?

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Couldn’t agree more. I can’t select a task without losing visbility or use of the custom fields.

I’m on a 27" monitor, and I can’t see anything but the task name once I have a task selected. This really sucks.