Introducing conditions and branching in rules

Hi @Effie_Pryer,

No, the new rule builder replaces the older one as a way of creating custom rules, and those continue to be available to Business and Enterprise customers but not Premium.

I do not see the new rule builder option in our instance. How often is this being pushed out to users so I can begin rebuilding some automations ASAP.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @KimberlyAnn_DiCredic , perhaps you missed this in the OP above:

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I did see this, but this was posted 14 days ago. I was hoping I would be in the group of folks who got it :frowning:

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@Phil_Seeman I am trying to make some end-of-year project decisions and this is on my list. If you remember I have a very unique workflow set into flowsana and haven’t been able to put it into Asana yet because of our needs.

I THINK this may be the trick to get it over and the subtasks populate. Is there a way to make sure certain rules run in a certain order by putting all the conditioning into 1 flow? :thinking:

Will rules built with the old rule builder be converted to the new builder? Or if we want to improve or streamline rules will we have to build them from scratch?

For example we have a trigger that causes collaborators to be added to tasks depending on a custom field setting. We have 12 version of this rule, I’d love to be able to have one rule for “add collaborators” that could use the new branching logic, but would love to not totally start from scratch.

It’ll likely depend on the specifics, but not sure the new rule builder will help much: I don’t think it changes that fact that when you have multiple actions, the order of their execution is not guaranteed. (I haven’t explicitly tested that in the new rule builder, though.)

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Yes, existing rules will eventually be converted to the new rule builder, at which point the classic rule builder will be removed. But I think that will be late this year if not next year before that happens. (But don’t hold me to that, I don’t work at Asana!)

I don’t know for sure but I imagine it’ll be a 1-to-1 migration; that is, if you have multiple existing rules that would be able to be combined using branching, I would be surprised if Asana would automatically figure out those rules that could be combined and do that. (But that would be an awesome feature of the migration if they did that.)

refreshes asana
refreshes asana
refreshes asana
refreshes asana

:wink: looking forward to it!

any news here?


News in terms of what? (If asking about the availability of this rules enhancement, there’s no change from the timeline given at end of my top post above.)

Hi everybody!
Very excited about this new feature!
Since today is technically the beginning of “early November”, I would love to know if there is a more specific date for this update deployment.
I have some pending trainings for my staff and this addition is a huge improvement for all.
Thanks so much!!!

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Yes same! I’m logging in and looking to see if the updates are live b/c I’m planning to refactor all of our Rules, but I’d like to better plan my schedule if there’s at least a date range we can expect it. :pray:

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Looking everyday if this feature is released. Cant wait to use it.

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Hi folks, and apologies for the delay in following up here.

I’m pleased to announce that 100% of our customers can now opt-in using conditions and branching in Rules (instructions to opt-in can be found here).

Our engineering team will continue making usability improvements to the new builder throughout December and plans to default to the new builder in January. The last step will be migrating all rules built on the old builder to the new one. We don’t have an ETA for this just yet, but we will keep you posted as we get closer to the time. In the meantime, feel free to reach out here if you have any questions.


Love the new feature and really excited to build new flows.

During creating a rule, I noticed that I can’t add more than 5 “Otherwise…”.
Why the limitation and will this be fixed?

thanks in advance.

That’s correct. Here are the current limits on the new rule builder:

While it’s possible Asana might increase these at some future time, since the component is new, I wouldn’t expect them to change any time soon (just my opinion).

Hey @Marie is there any ETA when the new rule builder will be available for bundles?

FYI see this in the Asana Guide.

Thanks Phil. This was apparently too far down ;).